Indiana University Folktale Workshop


The Hutchins Library - Indiana University Folktale Workshop was a three-week research residency held in Berea July 7-26,2003. It was sponsored jointly by Berea College, the Folklore Institute at IndianaUniversity, and the Tales Online Project. Participants included students,teachers, storytellers, and researchers. The Primary focus of the study was Berea's Leonard Roberts Folktale Collection.

Activities included archival research, tale transcription of audio recordings, guest speakers, informal discussions, fieldwork, and collecting sessions mainly in Leslie County, Kentucky. Primary resource personnel included Hutchins Library Archives staff, Folklorists from Indiana University and the University of Houston, and regional folk narrators Loyal Jones, Jane Muncy Fugate, and Bobby McMillon.

Audio and video recordings in this collection include interviews with adults who Leonard Roberts recorded as children, workshop discussion, and storytelling by Loyal Jones, Jane Muncy Fugate, and Bobby McMillon.

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Jack tale told by Loyal Jones of Madison County, Kentucky at the Berea College-Indiana University Folk Tale Workshop 7-7-03
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