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Primary Performer/Group: Hatton, Bill

Description: Fiddle played by Bill Hatton and recorded by John Harrod in Bourbon County, Kentucky 12-5-79

Primary Performer/Group: Walton, Warner

Description: Fiddle played by Warner Walton and recorded by John Harrod in Fleming / Bath County, Kentucky

Primary Performer/Group: Miller, Slim

Description: played on fiddle by Slim Miller

Primary Performer/Group: Salyer, John Morgan

Description: Fiddle played by John Morgan Salyer and recorded 1940-1941 in Magoffin County, Kentucky

Primary Performer/Group: Couch, Jim

Description: sung and played on banjo by Jim Couch and recorded in Harlan County, Kentucky by Leonard Roberts [1955]

Primary Performer/Group: Glosson, Lonnie

Description: played on harmonica by Lonnie Glosson at the Renfro Valley Traditional Music Festival in Renfro Valley, KY on 7-11-74

Primary Performer/Group: Cousin Emmy (Cynthia Mae Carver)

Description: played on harmonica by of Cousin Emmy (Cynthia Mae Carver of Barren County, Kentuck) and Her Kinfolks on radio progrm on WHAS, Louisville, Kentucky 10-2-40

Primary Performer/Group: Dupree, Melvin

Description: sung by Melvin Dupree and the Melody Range Riders on radio station WHAS, Louisville, Kentucky [1937]

Primary Performer/Group: Ford, Johnny

Description: Fiddle played by Johnny Ford on the Kentucky Play Party radio program on WHAS, Louisville, Kentucky 1-2-39

Primary Performer/Group: East, Ernest

Description: played by Ernest East during a fiddle contestat the Independence Folk Festival in Independence, Virginia in 1970

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