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Primary Performer/Group: Reynolds, Wilse

Description: Fiddle played by Wilse Reynolds and recorded by Loyal Jones at Carpenter in Whitley County, Kentucky on 08-30-72

Primary Performer/Group: Patrick, Birch

Description: played on banjo by Birch Patrick and recorded by Bruce Greene in Magoffin County, Kentucky 3-2-77

Primary Performer/Group: McCord, Sam

Description: Fiddle played by Sam McCord and recorded by John Harrod in Trimble County, Kentucky 01-29-80

Primary Performer/Group: Middleton, Jewel

Description: Music played on the banjo by Jewel Middleton and recorded by John Harrod in Boone County, Kentucky 6-15-82

Primary Performer/Group: Wagers, Dora Mae

Description: played by Dora Mae Wagers and Frank Hurley at the Renfro Valley Traditional Music Festival in Renfro Valley, KY on 7-10-74

Primary Performer/Group: Payne, Vernon "Peanut"

Description: Fiddle played by Vernon "Peanut" Payne and recorded by Steve Green in Madison County, Kentucky 9-19-91

Primary Performer/Group: McNew, Walter

Description: Fiddle played by Walter McNew with Bruce Greene and Steve Green on banjo and guitar in varrious combinations Recorded by Steve Green in Rockcastle County, Kentucky 10-6-90

Primary Performer/Group: Roberts, Doc

Description: Fiddle performed by Doc Roberts (1897-1978) April 18, 1946 at the Renfro Valley Redbud Festival, Rockcastle County, Kentucky This and some of the other performances at the event were broadcast by radio station WHAS in Louisville, Kentucky Bascom…

Primary Performer/Group: Burke, JL

Description: Fiddle played by JL Burke and recorded by Will Sears in Whitley County, Kentucky01-05-08

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