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  • Title is exactly "Billy In the Low Ground"

Primary Performer/Group: Reynolds, Wilse

Description: Fiddle played by Wilse Reynolds and recorded by Loyal Jones at at Carpenter in Whitley County, Kentucky on 08-30-72

Primary Performer/Group: Day, James William

Description: played by James William Day (Jilson Setters) in Boyd County, Kentucky in 1937

Primary Performer/Group: Dickerson, Emma Lee

Description: Fiddle played by Emma Lee Dickerson and recorded by Barbara Kunkle in Greenup County, Kentucky 2-9-74

Primary Performer/Group: Smith, Fonza

Description: Fiddle played by Fonza Smith and recorded by Bill Parker in Chilton County, Alabama in 1965

Primary Performer/Group: Fannin, Glen

Description: Fiddle played by Glen Fannin (formerly of Magoffin County, Kentucky), recorded by Bruce Greene in North Fairfield, Ohio, on 04/02/77

Primary Performer/Group: Gregory, WL

Description: Fiddle played by WL Gregory with Clyde Davenport on banjo and recorded at the Celebration of Traditional Music October 1975

Primary Performer/Group: Gilbert, Kelly

Description: Fiddle played by Kelly Gilbert and recorded by John Harrod in Franklin County, Kentucky 06-27-78

Primary Performer/Group: Woodward, Jim

Description: Fiddle played byJim Woodward with guitar accompaniment by Ray Stipe Recorded by John Harrod in Jessamine County, Kentucky 7-29-80

Primary Performer/Group: Fry, Winfred

Description: played on the banjo by Winfred Fry and recorded by John Harrod in Pulaski County, Kentucky 7-14-92

Primary Performer/Group: Rawlings, Carlton

Description: Fiddle played by Carlton Rawlings and recorded by John Harrod in Bath County, Kentucky [1970s]

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