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  • Title is exactly "Brickyard Joe"

Primary Performer/Group: Hawkins, George

Description: Fiddle played by George Hawkins and recorded by Barbara Kunkle 3-23-74 in Bath County, Kentucky

Primary Performer/Group: Woodward, Jim

Description: Fiddle played byJim Woodward with guitar accompaniment by Ray Stipe Recorded by John Harrod in Jessamine County, Kentucky 7-29-80

Primary Performer/Group: McCord, Sam

Description: Fiddle played by Sam McCord and recorded by John Harrod in Trimble County, Kentucky 01-29-80

Primary Performer/Group: Goode, Dudley

Description: Fiddle played by Dudley Goode and recorded by John Harrod in Marion County, Kentucky 10-26-80

Primary Performer/Group: Bailey, Alfred

Description: Fiddle played by Alfred Bailey and recorded by John Harrod in Fleming County, Kentucky 8-4-86

Primary Performer/Group: Howell, John

Description: Fiddle played by John Howell with mandolin accompaniment by Cecil Shephard and recorded by Steve Rice in Trigg County, Kentucky 1975

Primary Performer/Group: McNew, Walter

Description: Fiddle played unaccompanied by Walter Mcnew and recorded by Steve Green July-August 1992 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Primary Performer/Group: Gilbert, Kelly

Description: Berea College Celebration of Traditional Music Performance

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