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Primary Performer/Group: Fuller, Jim and Bill

Description: Mandolin music played by Jim and Bill Fuller and recorded by Bill Parker in Buncombe County, North Carolina in 1965

Primary Performer/Group: Bingham, Estill

Description: Fiddle played by Estill Bingham and recorded by Bruce Greene in Bell County, Kentucky 2-17-89

Primary Performer/Group: Chrisawn, Welzie

Description: Fiddle played by Welzie Chrisawn and recorded by Bruce Greene in North Carolina

Primary Performer/Group: Walker, John V

Description: Fiddle played by John Walker with banjo accompaniment by Raymond Perry and recorded by [Ed Ward] in Corbin,Whitley County, Kentucky [1960s]

Primary Performer/Group: Cockerham, Fred

Description: Played by Fred Cockerham And The Virginia Carolina Boys during a string band contest at the Independence Folk Festival in Independence, Virginia in 1970

Primary Performer/Group: Pridemore, Marion

Description: Fiddle played by Marion Pridemore and recorded by Harry Lawson in Whitley County, Kentucky [1980s]

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