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Primary Performer/Group: Helton, Hassell

Description: played on banjo by Hassell Helton and recorded by Bruce Greene in Magoffin County, Kentucky 3-3-90

Primary Performer/Group: Rascoe, Moses

Description: sung and played on guitar by Moses Rascoe and recorded at the Berea College Celebration of Traditional Music 10-26-89

Primary Performer/Group: Unidentified

Description: tuneplayed by unidentified banjoist and recorded by David Morris and Fern Rollyson in West Virginia in the early 1960s

Primary Performer/Group: Middleton, Jewel

Description: Music played on the harmonica by Jewel Middleton and recorded by John Harrod in Boone County, Kentucky 6-15-82

Primary Performer/Group: Traylor, Jim

Description: played on plectrum banjo by Jim Traylor with guitar accompaniment by Ralph Houston and recorded by John Harrod in Pendleton County, Kentucky

Primary Performer/Group: Williams, Bill

Description: played on guitar and sung by Bill Williams Recorded by Leonard Roberts in Greenup Co, KY summer 1961

Primary Performer/Group: Hurley, Henry

Description: played by Henry Hurley and Pauline Rice during the Fraley Family Reunion and Festival of Traditional Music in Carter County, Kentucky in August 1973

Primary Performer/Group: Wolfinbarger, Razor

Description: Banjo music performance by Razor Wolfinbarger

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