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Primary Performer/Group: Monday, Isham

Description: Fiddle played by Isham Monday and recorded by DK Wilgus in Monroe County, Kentucky, July, August, and November 1959 for the Western Kentucky University Folklore Archive

Primary Performer/Group: Davenport, Clyde

Description: played by Clyde Davenport and Jeff Titon at a Berea College concert

Primary Performer/Group: Dickerson, Emma Lee

Description: Fiddle played by Emma Lee Dickerson and recorded by Barbara Kunkle in Greenup County, Kentucky 2-9-74

Primary Performer/Group: McCruiston, Shorty

Description: Banjo music played by Shorty McCruiston and recorded by Bill Parker in Calloway County, Kentucky in 1965

Primary Performer/Group: Meredith, James

Description: Fiddle played by James Meredith and recorded by Bruce Greene in Edmonson County, Kentucky 4-10-74

Primary Performer/Group: Chrisawn, Welzie

Description: Fiddle played by Welzie Chrisawn and recorded by Bruce Greene in North Carolina

Primary Performer/Group: Akers, Silas

Description: Banjo music played by Silas Akers at the Appalachian Stringband Festival, Clifftop, West Virginia, 08-03-06

Primary Performer/Group: York, Henry

Description: Fiddle played by Henry York and recorded by John Harrod in Nicholas County, Kentucky 6-15-80

Primary Performer/Group: Merritt, Andy

Description: played on guitar by Andy Merritt during the Fraley Family Reunion and Festival of Traditional Music in Carter County, Kentucky in August 1973

Primary Performer/Group: Wolfinbarger, Razor

Description: Banjo music performance by Razor Wolfinbarger

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