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Primary Performer/Group: Kentucky Hilltoppers

Description: sung by the Kentucky Hilltoppers on radio station WKIC, Hazard, Kentucky in 1949

Primary Performer/Group: Monday, Isham

Description: Fiddle played by Isham Monday and recorded by DK Wilgus in Monroe County, Kentucky, July, August, and November 1959 for the Western Kentucky University Folklore Archive

Primary Performer/Group: Crank, Cecil

Description: Fiddle played and sung by Cecil Crank and recorded by Barbara Kunkle in Carter County, Kentucky, 1973

Primary Performer/Group: Lozier, John

Description: played on harmonica by John Lozier and recorded at the Mountain Heritage Festival in Carter County, Kentucky 1973

Primary Performer/Group: Fuller, Jim and Bill

Description: Mandolin music played by Jim and Bill Fuller and recorded by Bill Parker in Buncombe County, North Carolina in 1965

Primary Performer/Group: Prather, Bobby

Description: Medley of tunes played on fiddle by Bobby Prather and recorded by Layne Hendrickson in Marshall County County, Kentucky 12-23-09

Primary Performer/Group: Fraley, Charlie

Description: Fiddle played by Charlie Fraley and recorded by Bruce Greene in Lee County, Kentucky

Primary Performer/Group: Fannin, Glen

Description: Fiddle played by Glen Fannin (formerly of Magoffin County, Kentucky), recorded by Bruce Greene in North Fairfield, Ohio, on 04/02/77

Primary Performer/Group: Patrick, Birch

Description: played on banjo by Birch Patrick and recorded by Bruce Greene in Magoffin County, Kentucky 3-2-77

Primary Performer/Group: Hill, Elijah

Description: Fiddle played by Elijah Hill with guitar by Paul Hill and recorded by family members in Henry County, Indiana about 1965

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