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Primary Performer/Group: Wallin, Jack

Description: Banjo played by Jack Wallin accompanied by Arvel "Uncle Josh" Gosnell during the Celebration of Traditional Music at Berea College 10/29/82

Primary Performer/Group: Marks, Phyllis

Description: sung by Phyllis Marks at the Berea College Celebration of Traditional Music on 10-31-87

Primary Performer/Group: Walker, John V

Description: Fiddle played by John Walker with banjo accompaniment by Raymond Perry and recorded by [Ed Ward] in Corbin,Whitley County, Kentucky [1960s]

Primary Performer/Group: Hill, Elijah

Description: Fiddle played by Elijah Hill with guitar by Paul Hill and recorded by family members in Henry County, Indiana about 1965

Primary Performer/Group: McCord, Sam

Description: Fiddle played by Sam McCord and recorded by John Harrod in Trimble County, Kentucky 01-29-80

Primary Performer/Group: Anderson, Virgil

Description: Banjo played and sung by Virgil Anderson at the Berea College Celebration of Traditional Music 10/31/81

Primary Performer/Group: Gaines, Denzil

Description: Fiddle played by Denzil Gaines and recorded by John Harrod in Pulaski County, Kentucky 11-7-92

Primary Performer/Group: Walton, Warner

Description: Fiddle played by Warner Walton and recorded by John Harrod in Fleming / Bath County, Kentucky

Primary Performer/Group: Cornett, "Banjo" Bill

Description: played on banjo and self recorded by "Banjo" Bill Cornett in Knott County, Kentucky [1960s]

Primary Performer/Group: McNew, Walter

Description: Fiddle played by Walter McNew with Bruce Greene and Steve Green on banjo and guitar in varrious combinations Recorded by Steve Green in Rockcastle County, Kentucky 10-6-90

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