A Friend To Love Me

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sung by The Ware Brothers at the Berea College Celebration of Traditional Music on 10-27-1991
Chet (1920-2012) and Don (B1921) were born in Argyle in Casey County, Kentucky Their father, Virgil Ware was a shape-note gospel singer and teacher The two brothers learned to sing and play guitar from their father at an early age and began performing for audiences in grammar school In 1933 the brothers heard another brother duo, the Delmore Brothers, for the first time on the Grand Ole' Opry and began covering their songs In an interview Chet Ware admitted "They were our idols" In 1939 The Ware Brothers moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and found factory work as well as paid performances singing Delmore Brothers' songs Similarities between the Wares and the Delmores extended outside of music, when in 1942 both sets of brothers were living in Cincinnati, and again when one brother of each set was drafted into WWII After the war, the Ware Brothers began playing again in the Cincinnati area and released a 78 single, "There's a Name Written Down (In The Book Of Life") / "Let The Waves Roll", that received nation-wide radio play In 1957 Don Ware moved to Los Angles to work for Hughes Aircraft, and for the next 3 decades the Ware Brothers only played music with each other at vacation time In 1984 Don retired and moved back to Argyle, Kentucky and the Ware Brothers began playing regularly at bluegrass and traditional music festivals In 1986 they won first prize at The Renfro Valley Mountain Music Festival, and in 1992 they recorded a full length album titled "Silver Threads Among the Gold and Blues"




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