[Unidentified Cajun Fiddle By Canray Fontenot]


sung by Mike Seeger and Alice Gerrard at the Berea College Celebration of Traditional Music on 11-01-80
Mike Seeger (1933-2009) was an American folk musician and scholar He was perhaps most well known for his performing with the folk music revival group the New Lost City Ramblers With the Ramblers and individually he recorded over 40 albums and received six Grammy nominations He was also the recipient of four grants from the National Endowment for the Arts His father, Charles Seeger Jr was an ethnomusicologist His mother, Ruth Crawford Seeger, was a composer and worked closely with John and Alan Lomax at the Archive of American Folk at the Library of Congress His sisters Peggy and Penny were also folk musicians and he was the half brother of famed folk singer Pete Seeger Alice Gerrard (B1934) is an American folk singer, banjoist, and guitar player She is particularly well known for her performing with Hazel Dickens She was married to Mike Seeger at the time of these Berea performances She made commercial recordings with Seeger and others in a group known as the Strange Creek Singers




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Special Collections and Archives, Hutchins Library, Berea College




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Seeger, Mike and Gerrard, Alice, “[Unidentified Cajun Fiddle By Canray Fontenot],” Berea College Special Collections & Archives, accessed June 1, 2023, https://soundarchives.berea.edu/items/show/2963.

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