Boy That Never Seen a Fraid



Tale told by Don Saylor at Hyden Elementary School in Leslie County, Kentucky and recorded by Leonard Roberts 10-10-49
Transcription and annotation in "Kentucky Mountain Folk Tales:South from Hell-Fer Sartin" by Leonard Roberts
Don Saylor's my name and Bledsoe is my post office The name of my story is "Boy that Never Seen a Fraid" My grandmother told it to me This boy one day he decided he'd go out in the world and see if he could see anything to be afraid of So he started out one day, and he walked all day He was tired and hot That night, he comes and seen a big white house, purty too, up on the side of a bank Well, he hollered and hollered, and said "Hello" Nobody didn't answer Well, he says, "I've got to go up and see if anyone lives up there" He went up and they wouldn't nobody in there He opened the door and there was a little old bed back in the corner He said, "I can't understand why they don't live here" "This is an awful nice house" "Well," he said, "Maybe I ought to just go on down the road" He went on down, about a half mile He seen a little hut up on the hill It was getting dusky dark He said, "Hello" and this old man come to the door He said




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Special Collections and Archives, Hutchins Library, Berea College




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Saylor, Don, “Boy That Never Seen a Fraid,” Berea College Special Collections & Archives, accessed May 30, 2023,

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