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Story told during an informal gathering of musicians who performed at the 1972 O'Tucks Festival in Hamilton, Ohio
"O'Tucks" is a contraction of "Ohioans from Kentucky" The organization was started by Stanley Dezarn in 1959 to be a means for Kentuckians moved to the Hamilton, Ohio area to preserve and celebrate their native culture in a new setting Dezarn, a teacher and school principal, was a native of Clay County, Kentucky as were many others who had moved to the Ohio community to work for the Champion Paper Company Hubert Rogers (1915-1979) of Carter County) Kentucky was a multi-instrumentalist and skilled Dulcimer builder Using reclaimed wood and metal from lapsed buildings, his trademark was creating dulcimers with 2 sound holes rather than the traditional 4 Lily May (1917-1985) and Minnie Ledford and Evelyn Lange were members for the Coon Creek Girls (1937-1957) organized by John Lair for his Renfro Valley Barn Dance radio show Buddy Thomas (d1974) from Northeastern Kentucky was a fiddler from banjoist parents Due to childhood illness he was unable to walk until the age of 11, which limited traditional educational opportunities but allowed him to acquire a vast knowledge of fiddlers and tunes from the region


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