Didn't It Rain

Primary Performer/Group


played by the Coon Creek Girls on the Renfro Valley Barn Dance radio program on 57-06-15
The Coon Creek Girls were one of the first all-girl country string bands The group initially consisted of sisters Lily May and Rosie Ledford (from Powell County, Kentucky) along with Esther "Violet" Koehler and Evelyn "Daisey" Lange The group was created and named by John Lair for his Renfro Valley Barn Dance radio show that aired from 1937-1957 During this time the group performed extensively and even entertained President Franklin D Roosevelt, King George VI, & Queen Elizabeth The Renfro Valley Barn Dance was a radio program developed by John Lair in 1937 in Cincinnati, Ohio, later moving to Dayton, Ohio before settling in Renfro Valley in Rockcastle County, Kentucky in 1939 Other of Lair's programs originating from the Valley included the Renfro Valley Country Store, the Renfro Valley Gatherin'




Sound Music


Special Collections and Archives, Hutchins Library, Berea College




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