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"Low" John Henry

(Radio Program)

(Unknown Tune)

(What'll I Do With The) Baby O

4th of July

6th Of January

8th of January

8th of January [Fire on the Mountain]

28th of January

500 Hundred Miles


A Beautiful Life

A Beautiful Prayer


Accordian Al

Accordian Music--North Carolina

Accordion Music--West Virginia

Ace of Spades

Across the Plains

Across the Rocky Mountains

Adams, Gil

Adams, Harry

Adams, Jerry

Adams, Mark

Adams, Sam

Adieu to Cold Weather

Adkins, Jim

Adkins, Willie

A Few More Years

African American Music

African American Music--Alabama

African American Music--Georgia

African American Music--Kentucky

African American Music--North Carolina

African American Music--Tennessee

African American Music--Virginia

African American Music--West Virginia

African American Musicians--Kentucky

African American musicians--North Carolina

African American Shape Note Singing--Alabama

African American String Band Music--Kentucky


After The Sunrise

A Good Time Is Coming

A Home Just Over Yonder

Ain't A Lovin' Nobody

Ain't Gonna Rain No More

Ain't Gonna Study More War No More

Ain't Gonna Throw It Away

Ain't Gonna Throw This Away

Ain't Nobody's Business

Ain't Nobody Loves You Like I Do

Ain't No Grave

Ain't That Good News

Airwood, Earline

Airwood Girls

Akers, Isaac

Akers, Silas

Alabama Bound

Alabama Gal

Alabama Jubilee

Alabama Water

A Lady in Her Youth and Bloom

Alas and Did My Saviour Bleed

Albin, Anne

Albin, Dick

Alexander Waltz

Alexander Waltz (G)

All About You

Alla L'aa Ke

Allen, Brian

Allen, John Henry

Allen, Nigel "Scotty"

Allen, Paulina

All I've Got's Done Gone

All I Got's Done Gone

Al l I Need is Love

All Night Long

All Young

Alone and Blue

Along The Utah Trail

A Lot of Heaven

A Love Of The Mountains

Amazing Grace


A Memorial to Edward Lewis

American Folk Festival

American Folk Songs--Kentucky

American Medley

American Patriotic Music

Am I A Soldier of the Cross

An American Christmas Greeting

Anchored in Love

Anchored in Love Devine

Anderson, Hershel

Anderson, Virgil

Anderson, Willard

And Let This Feeble Body Fail (Hallelujah)

Andrew Jackson

An Empty Mansion

Angeline the Baker

Angie Clark

Animals and Robbers



A Penny For Your Thoughts

Apollo Quartet

Appalachian Carol One

Appalachian Folks

Appalachian Folks, The

Appalachian Folks ,The

Appalachian Music--Kentucky

Appalachian Region--Economic Conditions

Appalachian Regional Commission

Appalachian South Folklife Center

Appalachian South Folklife Festival

Apple Blossom

Apple For the Teacher

Apple Jack


Apple Tree Blossom

Aragon Hill, The

Arkansas Traveler

Arkansas Traveller

Arthur Berry

A Satisfied Mind

As Down A Lone Valley (Murillo's Lesson)

Asher and Little Jimmie (Radio Program)


Ashokan Farewell

As I Walk Out One May Morning

Asking For Guidance

A Soul Winner for Jesus

Assassination Of Governor Goebel

A Story Most Pleasing

Atcher, Randy

At Sundown

At the End of the World

Auburn Blues

A Union in Heaven

Aunt Betsy

Aunt Sal's Song

Aura Lee

Authors-Appalachian Region, Southern



Autoharp music

Autoharp Music--Kentucky

Autoharp Music--West Virginia

Autumn in West Virginia

Autumn Leaves

Awake, Awake You Drowsy Sleeper/Johnson Boys

A Worn Path

Ayer, Perley

Babbling Brook, The


baby bouncing song

Baby Fingers

Baby I Need

Back in the Country

Back in the Saddle Again

Backstep Cindy

Back Streets Crying

Back Up and Push

Backwater Blues

Bacon Rind

Bad Woman Blues

Bailey, Alfred

Bailey, Charlie

Bailey, Danny

Bailey, Eda

Bailey, Lee

Bailey Brothers

Baker, Billy

Baker, Billy and Fraley, JP

Baker, Bob

Baker, Edna

Baker, Edna Ritchie

Baker, Etta

Baker, Floyd

Baker, James "Pop"

Baker, Jesse

Baker, Travis

Baker, Wade

Baker Brothers

Baldheaded End of a Broom


ballad, love song, lyric song

Ballad--North Carolina

Ballad Music--North Carolina

Ballad of Eli Renfro

Ballad of Herschel Lawson

Ballads-- Kentucky



Ballads--North Carolina

Ballads--West Virginia

Ballad Songs--Kentucky

Ballad Songs--North Carolina

Ballard's Special

Banham, Millie

Banish Misfortune

Banjo Music

Banjo Music--Alabama

Banjo Music--Appalachian Region

Banjo Music--Georgia

Banjo Music--Indiana

Banjo Music--Kentucky

Banjo Music--Kentucky, Cindy

Banjo Music--Kentucky, Spurlock, Irvine

Banjo Music--North Carolina

Banjo Music--South Carolina

Banjo Music--Tennessee

Banjo Music--Virginia

Banjo Music--West Virginia

Banjo Music-Kentucky

Banjo music - Kentucky

Banjo Music-North Carolina

banjo Music- West Virginia

Banjo Pickin' Girl

banjo tune

Banjo Tunes--Kentucky

Banjo Tunes--North Carolina

Banjo Tunes--Tennessee

Banks of the Ohio


Baptism of Jesse Taylor

Barabra Allen

Barbara Allan

Barbara Allen

Barbara Allen (Child #84)

Barefoot Boy With Boots On

Barkley, Tona

Barley, Dillard

Barlow Knife

Barn Dance of Long Ago

Barnett, Hess

Barnyard Boys String Band

Basket of Bread, The

Battle of New Orleans

bawdy song

Beach at Waikiki

Bear Creek Hop

Bear Dance

Beatin' Around the Bunkhouse

Beaumont Rag

Beautiful Beautiful Brown Eyes

Beautiful Golden Gate

Beautiful Home Far Over the Sea

Beaver Dance

Because He Made Me Whole

Bedbug Blues

Beef Steaks

Been a Long Time Traveling Here

Before I Met You

Behrens, Jerry

Behrens, Jerry & Elsie

Bell, Trudy

Bellar, Johnny

Belle, Gloria

Bells Of Saint Mary

Bells of St Mary's

Beneath the Old Olive Tree

Bennett, Roy

Berea (Ky)

Berea Beloved

Berea College--Celebration of Traditional Music

Berea College--History

Berea College-- History

Berea College--Students

Berea College 1972 Home Coming Celebration

Berea College Black Ensemble

Berea College Black Music Ensemble

Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble

Berea College Bluegrass Music Ensemble

Berea College Bluegrass Music Ensemble 2004 Spring Concert

Berea College Celebration of Traditional Music

Berea College Chapel Choir

Berea College Country Dancers

Berea College Music Department

Berea College Sound Archives Fellowships

Berea Squaredancers

Berea Square Dancers

Berhens, Jerry

Best, Carroll

Be Sure There's No Mistake

Bethlehem Kings Quartet

Betler, Bruce

Betty and Walnut

Betty Baker

Betty Martin

Beyond the Shadow of A Doubt

Big-Foot Town

Big Ball in Texas

Big Boss Man

Big Eared Mule

Big Eyed Rabbit

Big Fish

Big Footed Nigger

Big Fraid and Little Fraid

Biggers, Milo

Big Indian Hornpipe

Big Mon

Big Mule

Big Possum

Big Sandy

Big Scioty

Big Sweet Taters in Sandy Land

Big Toe

Bile 'Em Cabbage Down

Bile the Cabbage Down

Bile Them Cabbage Down

Bill Bailey

Bill Baily, Won't You Come Home

Bill Brown

Bill Cheatam

Bill Cheatham

Bill Cheatum

Billie In the Low Ground

Billy Boy

Billy Goat (w/ Cumberland Gap)

Billy in the Low Ground

Billy in the Lowground

Billy In the Lowland

Billy Richardson's Last Ride

Billy Wilson (A)

Bilyeu, Tom

Bingham, Estill

Birchard, Roy

Bird, Elmer


Birmingham Jail

Bison Cane

Bitter Creek

Black-Eyed Susie

Black- Eyed Susie

Blackberry Blossom

Blackberry Blossom (G)

Black Berry Blossom Reel

Blackberry Blossoms

Black Bird & Frosty Morn

Black Bottom Blues

Blackest Crow

Black Eyed Susie

Black Eyed Susie [With Story About Fiddles]


Black Fork Blues

Black History Month

Black is the Color

Black Is The Color [Of My True Love's Hair]

Black Jack Davey

Black Jack Grove

Blackjack Grove

Black Mountain Lullaby

Black Mountain Rag

Blacks--Songs and Music

Blacksmith's Daughter

Blacksnake Bit Me on the Toe

Blacksnake [Bit Me on the Toe]

Black Waters

Blake, Randy

Blessed Jesus Loves You Too

Blevins, Larry

Blind Child

Blind Man, The

Blind Mary

Blind Steer in the Mudhole

Blow Ye The Trumpet

Blow Ye The Trumpet Blow (Lenox)

Bluebird On My Windowsill

Blue Diamond Mines

Blue Eagle

Blue Eyed Boston Boy

Blue Eyed Gal

Blue Eyed Girl


Blue Goose

Bluegrass Music

Bluegrass Music--Kentucky

Bluegrass music--Tennessee

Bluegrass Musicians--Kentucky

Bluegrass Quintet

Blue Hills of Virginia

Blue Moon of Kentucky

Blue Mountain Girls

Blue Mountain Waltz

Blue on Monday

Blue Ridged Mountains

Blue Ridge Mountain

Blue Ridge Mountain Blues

Blue Ridge Mountain Boys

Blue Ridge Mountain Home

Blue Ridge Stringbillys (Radio Program)


Blues (Music)

Blues (Music)--1971-1980

Blue Sky Way Out Yonder

Blues Medley

Blues Music--1971-1980

Blues Music--1981-1990

Blues Music--1991-2000

Blues Music--North Carolina

Blues Music--Virginia

Blues Music--West Virginia

Blue Tail Fly

Blue Tail Fly, The

Blue Yodel No2

Boatin 'Up Sandy

Boatin' Up Sandy


Bobby Fulcher Introduction

Bob Walker

Boil 'Em Cabbage Down

Boil Them Cabbage Down

Bonaparte's Charge

Bonaparte's March

Bonaparte's Retreat

Bonaparte's Retreat & March

Bonaparte Crossing the Alps

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine

Bonapart on the Mountain

Bond, Eddie

Bond, Julian

Boneparte's Retreat


Boogie in the Mornin'

Booker's Bluff

Boone, Virginia Wilson

Boosinger, Laura

Boston Boy

Bottom of the Barrel Bunch

Bowles, Jim

Bowlin, Margaret

Bowlin, Margarette

Bowlin, Virgil

Bowling Green

Bowman, Mary Jean

Boys of Blue Hill

Boys of the Blue Hill, The

Boy That Never Seen a Fraid

Bradshaw, Curley

Bradshaw, Curly

Brad Walters

Brakeman Blues

Brand New Old Time String Band

Brave Lieutenant

Brazeale, Buzz

Breakin' Up Christmas

Breaking Up Ice In The Allegheny

Brewer, Buck

Briarpicker Brown

Brickey, Quenton

Brickyard Joe

Bride's Dances

Brightest and Best

Bright Lights Big City

Bright Morning Stars

Bright Summer Day

Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy to Me

Bring Me a Leaf from the Sea


Brock, Buddy

Broken Toke, The [Pretty Fair Miss in the Garden]

Brooks, Foster

Brookside Mine Strike

Brothers We Have Met to Worship

Brown's Dream

Brown's Ferry Blues

Brown, Don

Brown Button Shoes

Brushy Fork of John's Creek

Brushy Fork of Johns Creek, The

Brushy Run

Bryan, James

Buck Creek

Buck Creek Girl

Buck Creek Girls

Buckcreek Girls

Buck Creek Girls'

Buckingham Bob

Buffalo Gals

Buffalo Girls

Bug Dance

Bug Eyed Rabbit

Build Me a Cabin in the Corner of Gloryland

Bullock Sisters

Bully Borns

Bully Of The Town

Bumblebee in a Jug

Bumblebee in the Jug


Burglar Man

Burglar Song

Burgle Man, The

Burke, JL

Burke, Norman

Burke, Vernon

Burke, Vernon and Norman

Burns, Brian

Bury Me Beneath the Willow

Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie

Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow

Buston, Dillon

Butcher Boy, The

Butler, Street

Button Up Shoes

By and By Blues

By By Blues

Bye-Bye Blues

Bye Bye Blues

Bye Bye Love

By Faith Of Jesus

Byrd, Jerry

By The River Rio Grande

Cabbage Head Song

Cabbell, Ed

Cabin Creek

Cabin Creek Band

Cabin In Caroline

Cable, Audley

Cacklin' Hen

Cackling Hen


Cajun Fais-Do-Do

Cajun music



Calhoun, Walker

Calichee Creek


California Blues


Calling For Me

Call On Me

Caminos De Michoacan

Campbell, Manon

Camp Chase

Camping In Canaan Land

Camping in Canan's Happy Land

Camp Nelson Blues

Camp Run

Can't Get A Letter from Home

Can't No Grave Hold My Body Down

Can't See Momma Every Night

Can Anyone Tell Me Where My Nancy Has Gone

Candy Girl

Candy Man

Cane Creek

Cannon Ball Blues

Can the Circle be Unbroken

Carawan, Guy

Careless Hands

Careless Love

Carlisle, Cliff

Carl Johnson


carol, Christmas song

Carol County Blues

Carolina Mountain Home

Carpenter, Ernie

Carpenter, Nora

Carpenter, Nora E

Carroll, Marvin

Carroll County Blues

Carry Me Back To Old Virginia

Carry Me Back To The Mountains

Carson, John

Carson Kids

Carter, Janette

Cascade Blue

Case, Clyde

Casey Jones

Cash Quartet

Cassidy, Junior

Castillian Waltz

Catch That Mule

Cattle in the Cain

Cattle in the Corn

Caudill, Harry

Caudill, Harry M

Caussen, Dane

CC Rider

C C Rider

Cedar Springs Baptist Church Choir

Celebration of Traditional Music

Celebration of Traditional Music--Berea College

Chance, Jim (Fuzz)

Chapman's Polka

Chapman, Owen "Snake"

Chapman, Snake


Charles Guitaw / Guiteau

Charleston #1

Charleston No 1

Charleston One

Charmin' Betsy

Charming Betsy

Cherokee--North Carolina

Cherokee Boogie

Cherokee Folk Songs--North Carolina

Cherokee Indians--Dances

Cherokee Indians--Music

Cherokee Indians--North Carolina

Cherokee Shuffle

Cherry Blossom Waltz

Cherry River Line


Cheyene Creek


Chicken Pie

Chicken Reel

Chicken Song

Child ballad

Child Ballad #53

Child Ballad #73

Child Ballad #74

Child Ballad #84

Child Grove

children's song

childrens song

Chime Bells

Chimney Sweeper

Chinese Breakdown

Chinese Chimes


Chinquapin Hunting

Chippie Get Your Haircut

Chrisawn, Welzie

Christmas Calico

Christmas Country Dance School--Berea College

Christmas Eve

Christmas in the Mountains

Christmas music

Christmas song

Chubby's Hornpipe

Chubby Wise

Church in the Wildwood

Cider Mill

Cielito Lindo

Cincinnati Hornpipe


City On The Hill

Civil rights--United States--History

Clark, Billy C (Billy Curtis)

Clark, Manuel'Old Joe'

Clark, Manuel 'Old Joe'

Clayton McMichen and His Georgia Wildcats


Cleorita My Cleorita

Cliff Gross and His Texas Cowboys

Climbing Up the Golden Stairs

Clinch Mountain Waltz

Clinch Valley Boys

Clint Howard

Clog Dancing--Kentucky


Clover Bottom

Cluck Old Hen

Clyde's Father

Clyde's Fiddling Style

Clyde's First Fiddle

Clyde Davenport

Coal Creek

Coal Creek March

Coal Harbor Bend

Coal Tattoo

Cobbs, Alfred

Cockerham, Fred

Cold and Lonesome on a Train

Cold Frosty Mountain

Coldiron, Blanche

Cold Winter's Night

Coleman's March

Collard Brothers

College Hornpipe

College presidents-- Inauguration

Collins, Ebb

Collins, Karen

Collins, Lester

Collins, Neal "Pop"

Collins, Zeb

Colored Aristocracy

Columbus Stockade Blues

Combs, Bert T

Combs, Josiah

Combs, There Was A Rich Merchant in London Did Dwell

Come, Ye Sinners

Come all Ye Fair and Tender Ladies

Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies

Come All You Rambling Ramblers

Come All You Sporting Bachelors

Come Angel Band


Come Georgia Boy Listen to My Story

Come Hiking With Me

Come into my Room

Come Live With Me

Come Near My Love

Come Now My Dear Brethren I Bid You Farewell

Come On Dear Lord and Get Me

Come Over To Canaan's Land

Come Sit by My Side Little Darling

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Come to Jesus

Come Unto Me

Come Up Ramblers

Come Your Voices

comic song

Comin' Down From Denver

Coming Around the Mountain

Coming Down From Denver


Committee For Kentucky

Conference on Appalachian Development--Berea College

Constitution Hornpipe

Contry Songs--Kentucky

Convict and the Rose

Cookhouse Joe

Cooksey, Lorraine

Cool Water

Coon Creek Girls

Coon Dog

Coon Hunter (Grady Warren)

Cooper, Roger

Cordell, Boyd


Corina Corina

Cork Lickers

Corn Crackers

Cornelison, Ernie (Ernie Lee)

Cornett, "Banjo" Bill

Cornett, Bill "Banjer"

Corn Liquor Still in Georgia

Cornstalk Fiddle and a Shoestring Bow

Cornstalk Fiddle and Shoestring Bow

Cory Hill Waltz

Cotrell, Jenes

Cottage in the Clouds

Cotton-Eyed Joe and Pretty Polly

Cotton Bonnet

Cotton Eyed Joe

Cotton Eye Joe

Cotton Hill Girls

Cotton Patch Dan

Cotton Patch Rag

Cottrel, Noah

Cottrell, Jenes

Couch, Dave

Couch, Frank

Couch, Jim

Couch, Joe

Couch Family

Council of the Southern Mountains

Country Garden

Country Life

Country Music--Kentucky

Country Music--North Carolina

Country Music--Ohio

Country Music--Renfro Valley Barn Dance Kentucky

Country Music--Tennessee

Country Music--United States

Country Music--Virginia

Country Music Express (Radio Program

Country Musicians--Kentucky

Country Musicians--Ohio

Country Musicians--Tennessee

Country Musicians--Virginia

Country Travelers

Count Your Blessings

Cousin Emmy (Cynthia Mae Carver)

Cousin Emmy (Cynthia Mae Carver) and Her Kinfolks

Cousin Sally Brown

Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along

Covington, Tommy

Cowboy's Dream

Cowboy Jack

Cox, Jim

Cox, Jimmy

Crab Orchard Hornpipe

Crab Orchard Quickstep

Cracklin' Hen

Cranberry Lake Jug Band

Crank, Cecil

Crawdad Hole

Crawdad Song

Crawford, Vincent

Crazy Water Fizz

Cricket on the Hearth

Crinkled Old Hen

Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek/Ida Red

Cross, RB

Crossing the Sea


Cross Key


Crowe, JD

Crow Jane

Cruel Sister, The

Cruel War

Cruel War, The

Crusaders Quartet

Crying Blue Eyes

Crying Holy

Crying Holy Unto the Lord





































Cuckoo's Nest

Cuckoo, The

Cullipher, Ruth and Clark Angie

Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap (Vocal & Spoons)

Cumberland Rangers

Cumberland Rangers, The

Cumberland Valley Folk Festival

Cumberland Valley Folk Music Reunion 1978

Cumberland Valley Folk Music Reunion 1979

Cumberland Valley Sweethearts

Cunningham, Carr

Curly Headed Baby

Curtsinger, Estil

Cutler, Lewis

Cutler, Sally

Cyclone of Rye Cove

Cymbalom (Cimbalom)

Cymbalum Music--West Virginia

Daddy's Song

Daddy and Home

Daily's Reel


Dance All Night

Dance All Night with a Bottle in My Hand

Dance All Night with a Bottle in Your Hand

Dance Alnight

Dance Around Molly

dance tune

Dancing My Blues Away


Dandy Jim

Daniel in the Lion's Den

Daniel Prayed

Danny Boy

Darby Ram

Darby Ram [He Rambled 'til the Butcher Cut Him Down]

Dark Holler

Dark Holler [With Helton Family Information]

Darkness on the Delta

Darktown Strutter's Ball

Darlin', I Love You

Darlin' Cory

Darling Cora

Darling Corey

Darling Corrie

Darling Cory

Darling I Miss You

Darling Nellie Gray

Darling Pal of Mine

Davenport, Clyde

Davidson, Lloyd

Davidson, Roy

Davidson Brothers

Davis, George

Davis, Phil

Davis, Red

Davis, Rhonda

Davis Family

Davy Dugger

Day, James William

Day, James Williams

Dear Companion, The

Dear Friends Farewell

Dear Honey

Death of Brother Owens

Death of Muriel Baldridge

Death Raging in [the] Land

Deep Ellum Blues

Deep River Chorus

Deep River Echoes (Radio Program)

Deep River Echoes (Radio Program), WHAS (Radio Station: Louisville, Ky)

Deep Sea Diver

Deep Shady Grove


Deer Walk

Delia Holmes

Deliverence Will Come (Wayworn Traveler)

Dell, Jucy

Dell, Judy

Dennis, Andy

Denny, Clyde & Marie

Denver Belle

Description of Joe Fulaytar's Instrument

Devil's Dream

Devil and the Farmer's Wife

Devil and the Old Woman, The

Devil Ate the Groundhog

Devil in the WoodPike

Devilish Mary

Devil On A Stump

Devil Woman

Dewdrops Are Falling On Me

Diamond T

Dickerson, Dick

Dickerson, Emma Lee

Dickey, Lotus

Dickie and Johnson

Didn't It Rain

Did You Ever Go Sailing

Did You Ever See the Devil Uncle Joe

Dilapidated William

Dills Pickle Rag [sic]

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, and Loud Music

Dim Lights and Thick Smoke


Dirty Beard

Dirty Old Dish Rag

Discussion of Tuning

Dittany Tea

Dixie Breakdown

Dixie Lee

Dixie Partners

Dobro Music

Dog In the Rye Straw

Dog Shit A Rye Straw


Don't Bother To Cry

Don't Cry Little Girl

Don't Hang Around Me Anymore

Don't Let the Deal Go Down

Don't Look Now

Don't Neglect the Rose

Don't Never Love a Woman

Don't This Road Look Rough an Rocky

Done Gone


Doodle De DoDoodle De Do

Dorsey, Howard (Announcer)

Double Eagle March

Doug's Girlfriend

Douglas, Bob

Douglas, Daron

Douglas, Wilson

Down and Out

Down at the Laundromat

Down Came An Angel

Down in Honky Town

Down in New Orleans

Down In the River To Prayer

Down in the Valley

Down In the Willow Garden

Down in the Willow Garden [Rose Connelly]

Down South Blues

Down South Rag

Down the River

Down the Road

Down to the Stillhouse

Down Where the River Bends

Down Yonder

Do You Know My Jesus

Draggin' the Bow

Dragging the Bow

Drake, Richard B, 1925

Dream Of The Miner's Child

Dreamy Georgian Moon

Dressler, Muriel

Dr Humphrey's Jig

Drifting and Dreaming

Drifting and Drifting

Drifting Down the Prairie Trail

Drifting With the Tide

Driftwood on the River


Drinking of the Wine

Drive Me Crazy

Dr Lockhart

Druma Non Grata [sp?]

Drummer, The

Drunkard's Dream

Drunkard's Hiccoughs

Drunkard's Wife, The

Drunken Driver

Drunk Man's Blues

Dry and Dusty


Dublin Daisies

Duck River

Ducks on the Millpond

Ducks on the Pond

Duff, Frankie

Dulcimer Music

Dulcimer Music--Kentucky

Dulcimer Music--North Carolina

Dulcimer Music--Virginia

Dulcimer music--West Virginia

Dulcimer Music Kentucky

Dulcimer Songs--North Carolina

Dulicmer Music--Kentucky

Dunnalynn Family

Dunnigan, Jack

Dupree, Melvin

Durang's Hornpipe

Durangs Hornpipe

Durham's Bull

Durham's Reel

Dust On the Bible

Dusty Miller

Dutch Cove Old Time String Band

Duvall, CW

Dye, JA

Dyer, Pike County Breakdown

Dyer, Sam

Dyer Sam

Dying Boy, The

Dying Cowboy

Dying Cowboy, The

Dying From Home and Lost

Eager, Clay

Eagle March

Early My God (Montgomery- Psalmist 18th Hymn)

East, Ernest

East Tennessee Blues

East Virginia

East Virginia Blues

Eastwood, Sarah Linda

Easy Street

Eaton, Hobart

Eaton, Johnny

Echoes From My Old Plantation Home

Echoes From The Burning Bush

Echoes From the Hills

Echos From the Hills

Economic Conditions--Kentucky

Edmundson, Dave

Edward in the Lowlands

Edwards, Barbara

Edwards, Barbara Kunkle

Eefing (Vocal Technique)

Eighth Day of January

Eighth of January

Eight More Miles To Louisville

Eigth of January

Elders Land Ballad

Eldridge, Ron

Eleven More Months And Ten More Days

Elfin Knight, The

El Garabato

Eller, Lawrence

El Motivo

El Ranche Grande

El Sinaloense

El Son De La Madrugada

El Son De Negra

Elzic's Farewell

Elzick's Farewell

Emerson, Gertude

Emerson, Rita

Erin's Green Shore

Especially Like You

Estes, Elgie

Estes, Elzie

Evangelistic Choral Aires

Evergreen Shore

Eversole, Eric

Eversole, Ethan

Eversole Brothers

Everybody's Favorite

Everybody Will Be Happy Over There

Every Bush and Tree

Every Hour

Every Hour Every Day

Ewards, Barbara

Ezekial Saw the Wheel

Ezekiel Saw the Wheel

Face To Face With Christ My Savior

Faded Coat of Blue

Faded Into Time

Faded Love

Fair and Tender ladies


Faith of Our Fathers

Falling In Love With Jesus

Falling Leaves

False True Love Song

Fannin, Glen

Fanny Hill

Fare Thee Well

Farewell Blues

Farewell Sweet Jane

Farewell to Whiskey


Farmer and the Boy (Joke)

Farmer Sisters

Farrel O'Gara

Farther Along

Fate of Floyd Collins


Feather Bed

Feed My Horse Corn and Hay


Fiddle Music--Kentucky

Fiddle Music--Tennessee

Fiddler's Waltz

Fiddle Sticks

Fiddle tune-- Kentucky

Fiddle Tunes

Fiddle Tunes--Alabama

Fiddle Tunes--Appalachian Region

Fiddle Tunes--Georgia

Fiddle Tunes--Indiana


Fiddle Tunes--Kentucky

Fiddle tunes-- Kentucky

Fiddle Tunes--Kentucky, Bingham, Estill

Fiddle Tunes--Kentucky, Monday, Isham

Fiddle Tunes--Mexico

Fiddle Tunes--North Carolina

Fiddle Tunes--Ohio

Fiddle Tunes--Tennessee

Fiddle Tunes-- Virginia

Fiddle Tunes--Virginia

Fiddle Tunes--West Virginia

Fiddlin' Will

Fiddling Boogie

Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room

Filipino Baby

Fill Me Jesus

Fill My Way With Love

Fine Little Country

Finger, Terry

finger play song

Fireball Mail

Fire in the Log [Possum Up the Gum Stump] [Who Shit in Grandpa's Hat]

Fire in the Mountain

Fire of Sixty-Eight [68]

Fire on the Mountain

First Fall of Snow

First Quadrille Two

First Whippoorwill Song

Fisher's Hornpipe

Fisher's Rag

Fisher, Jo Nell

Fisher, Russ

Fishers Hornpipe

Fish on a Snag

Five Foot Two

Five Miles

Five Miles From Town

Five Miles Out of Town

Five Miles To Town

Flander's Dream

Flannery's Dream

Flat Foot Dancing

Flat Foot Follies


Flint Hill Special

Floating Down the Streams of Time

Flop Eared Mule

Floppy Eared Mule

Florida Blues

Flowers of Edinsburgh

Flowers of Joy

Flowers That Cheer Me On

Floyd Collins

Fly Around My Blue Eyed Girl

Fly Around My Pretty Little Maid

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss

Fly Away

Foddrell Brothers

Foggie Mountain Top

Foggy Dew

Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Folding Down the Sheets

Foley, Clyde "Red"

Foley, Red

Folk Dance--Kentucky

Folk dancing

Folk Music--Appalachian

Folk Music--Appalachian--Kentucky

Folk Music--Appalachian--North Carolina

Folk Music--Kentucky

Folk music--Mexico

Folk Music--North Carolina

Folk Music--Swiss-West Virginia

Folk music--United States

Folk Music--West Virginia--Helvetia

Folk music festivals

Folk Song--Kentucky

Folk Song--North Carolina

Folk songs, American--Appalachian Region, Southern

Folk songs, English--Appalachian Region, Southern

Folk songs, English-- West Virginia

Folk Songs, Hungarian

Folk Songs--Appalachian--Kentucky

Folk Songs--Appalachian--North Carolina

Folk Songs--Appalachian Region

Folk Songs--Cherokee

Folk Songs--Indiana

Folk Songs--Kentucky

Folk Songs--North Carolina

Folk Songs--South Carolina

Folk Songs--Tennessee

Folk Songs--Virginia

Folk Songs--West Virginia

Folks Songs and Ballads--Kentucky

Folk Tales--Kentucky

Folk Tales--Kentucky

Follow the Drinking Gourd

Follwing A Feeling

Fontaine's Ferry

Food Stamps

Foolish Jack

Footprints of Jesus

Forbes, John

Ford, Johnny

Ford, Walter

Forked Deer

Forked Deer (C)

Forrester, Howdy

For So Long Have I Been Waiting


Forty Yards of Calico

Four Nights Drunk

Four Nights of a Drunk

Fourteen Days in Geogia

Fourteen Days in Georgia

Fourth of July

Fox, Curly

Fox Chase

Foxfire Boys

Fox Race

Fragment- Hymn

Fraley, Annadeene

Fraley, Charley

Fraley, Charlie

Fraley, Danielle

Fraley, Fraley, Annadeene

Fraley, Johnny

Fraley, JP

Fraley, JP & Annadeene

Fraley, JP Fraley, Annadeene

Fraley, Valdy

Fraley, [?]

Fraley Family Festival

Frank and Jesse James

Frankie and Johnny

Franklin Roosevelt

Free A Little Bird

Freedom for the Stallion

Free Little Bird

Freight Train Blues

Froggie Went a-Courtin'

Froggie Went A Courtin'

Froggie Went a Courtin'/Boys from Blue Hill

Froggy Went a-Courtin'

Frog Went a-Courtin'

From My Mountains I Have to Leave

Frost On The Pumpkin

Frosty Morning

Fry, Winfred

Fulaytar, Joe

Fulcher, Bobby

Fulks, Darley

Fulks, Darley Andrew Jackson

Fuller, Jim and Bill

Full Gospel Banjo Band

Fun's All Over

Gage, Jim

Gaines, Denzil

Gallows Pole

Gal on the Log

Gambler's Blues [St James Infirmiry Blues]

Gamblin' Blues

Gambling Blues

game song

Gandydancer String Band

Garrett, Robert "Bud"

Gaskin, Jim

Gaskin, Jim & Ruby Ann

Gaskins, Phyllis

Gathering Flowers for the Master's Bouquet

Gathering Flowers from the Hillside

Gathering Flowers From the Master's Bouquet

Gay, Leige

Gehen Nicht Gehn

Gem Sisters

Gentle Fair Jenny

George, Frank

George Collins

George Hawkins

George Holland's Tune

George Reilly

George [Washington] Jones

Georgia Buck

Georgia Cakewalkers

Georgiana Moon

Georgia Road

Georia Rag

German Evening Prayer

Germanic, Sophia

Gerrard, Alice

Get Along Home Cindy

Get Away from the Window

Get on Board

Get Out and Get Under the Moon

Getting Upstairs

Get Up and Bar the Door

Get Up John

Ghost Riders in the Sky

Gibson, Don

Gibson, George

Gibson, Junior

Giffin, George

Gilbert, Kelly

Gilbert, Thomas

Gilda Roy

Girl I Left Behind

Girl I Left Behind Me

Girl In The Blue Velvet Band

Girls of the Golden West

Give Me a Straight Shootin' Cowboy

Give Me Back My Hoedy Cake You Long Tailed Nanny

Give Me Flowers While I'm Living

Give Me Just A Little More Time

Give Me my Blues

Give Me One More Day

Give Me Your Hand

Give the Fiddler A Dram

Give the World a Smile

Giving Everything Away

Gladden, Texas, 1895-1966

Glenda, Prather

Glenda Prather

Glick, John

Glory Bound Train

Glory Glory Since I Layed My Burden Down

Glory in the Meeting House

Glory in the Metting House

Gloryland March

Gloryland Quartet

Glory to the Lamb

Glory Train

Glory Up There

Glosson, Lonnie

Go Away Jake

Go Away Pharoah

God's Not Dead

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

God Bless America

God Leads Us Along

God Put a Rainbow in the Clouds

God Put A Rainbow In the Sky

God Take a Hold of You and Me

God Will Roll the Waters Back

Goff's Crossing

Goin' Across the Mountain

Goin' Across the Sea

Goin' Down to Town

Goin' Downtown

Goin' Round This World Baby Mine

Goin' to Boston

Goin' to Paint the Town

Goin' Up The Country

Going Across the Ocean

Going Across the Sea

Going Back

Going Back To My Good Old Texas Home

Going Back to the Blue Ridge Mountains

Going Back To The Mississippi

Going Down the Road

Going Down the Road Feeling Bad

Going Down This Road Feeling Bad

Going Down to the Country

Going Down to Town

Going Down Town

Going Over Jordan

Going To Georgia

Going To Town

Going to Town, Don't Let It Get You Down

Going Up

Going Up the Country

Going Uptown

Goins, RL

Gold and Silver

Golden Guineas

Golden Hill Waltz

Golden Slippers

Golden Star Hornpipe

Gold Watch and Chain

Gone Gone Gone

Gone Home

Gonna Find My Woman

Gonna Have A Big Time Tonight

Gonna Lay My Armor Down

Gonna Rise Up And Shine

Good, Rick


Goodbye Girls I'm Going to Boston

Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye

Goodbye Mama's Calling

Good Daddy

Goode, Dolly

Goode, Dudley

Goode, Millie

Goodman, Paul

Goodnight-Loving Trail

Goodnight Waltz

Good Old Mountain Dew

Good Ole Bible

Good Ship Cut Loose Her Cable

Good to the Tongue Hornpipe


Gordon, Peggy

Go See the Widow


Gospel Music

Gospel Music--Kentucky

Gospel music--North Carolina

Gospel Music-Kentucky

Gospel Musicians--Kentucky

Gospel Musicians-Kentucky

Gospel Ship

Gospel songs--Kentucky

Gospel Train

Got a Little Home on Poosey

Got a Little Home To Go To

Got Two Women

Got [Two Women]


Go Wash in That Beautiful Pool

Graceful and Easy

Grace Is A Charming Sound (Ninety-Third Psalm)

Graham, Addie

Grandad's Favorite

Grandaddy's Favorite

Granddad's Favorite

Grandfather's Clock

Grand Hornpipe

Grandma's Featherbed

Grandpa's Motto

Grand Round Hornpipe

Granny's Old Pacing Horse

Granny Come and Look At Uncle Sam

Granny Went To Meetin' With Her Old Shoes On

Granny Went to Meeting

Granny Will Your Dog Bite

Granny Will Your Dogs Bite

Grasshopper On a Sweet Tater Vine

Graveyard Blues

Graveyard Tune

Gray Eagle

Gray Eagle Hornpipe

Greasy Coat

Great Big Taters in Sandy Land

Great Big Taters In The Sandy Land

Great Day Coming

Greathouse, Wimpy

Great Speckled Bird

Great Speckled Bird, The

Greedy Fat Man

Greek Melody

Greenback Dollar

Greene, Alva

Greene, Bruce

Greenfields of America

Green Ford Blues

Green Grows the Laurel

Green Grows the Lilacs

Green Mountain

Green Mountain Breakdown

Green Pastures

Green Valley Waltz

Greenwood side-O

Gregory, WL

Grey Cat on the Tennessee Farm

Grey Eagle

Grey Eagle,

Grey Eagle, The

Grey Eagle Hornpipe

Groanin' Moanin' Groanin' Blues

Gross, Cliff


Ground Hog

Growling Old Man Growling Old Woman

Grundy, Msiba Ann Beard


Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah

Guide Me Though O Great Jehovah

Guitar Music

Guitar Music--Georgia

Guitar Music--Kentucky

Guitar Music--North Carolina

Guitar Music--Tennessee

Guitar Music--Virginia

Guitar Music--West Virginia

Guitar Song--North Carolina

Guitar Songs--Kentucky

Gypsy Davy

Hagley, Tom

Hairy Woman

Haitty Won't You Drink Some More Good Old Cider

Haley, Sonny

Half Mountain Hotshots

Half Past Four

Hall, Jarvie

Hallelujah We Shall Rise

Halls of Ivy, The

Ham, Carl

Hambone Music

Hamilton County Breakdown

Hammaered Dulcimer Music--Kentucky

Hammer Dulcimer, Hungarian

Hammered Dulcimer Music

Hammered Dulcimer Music--Appalachian Region

Hammered Dulcimer Music--Kentucky

Hand Me Down My Walking Cane

Hand of God on the Wall

Handsome Girl

Handsome Julie

Hangman's Tree

Hang Out the Front Door Key

Hank Keene's Gang On the Air (Theme Song)

Hank Keene and His Gang (Radio Program)

Hannah at the Springhouse

Happy, Wonderful Day

Happy Acres Two Step

Happy Jack

Happyland Travelers

Happy The Home Where God Abides

Happy Time Waltz

Happy Valley

Harbor Of Love

Hard for to Love

Hard Times

Hard Way

Hark, The Voice of Jesus Calling

Hark Listen to the Trumpeters

Harmon, Claude

Harmonica Music

Harmonica Music--Kentucky

Harmonica Music--North Carolina

Harmonica Music--Tennessee

Harper, Don

Harper, Roy

Harris, Ev

Harrison, Bobby

Harrison, Charley

Harrod, Janie

Harrod, John

Harrod, John:

Harvest Home

Has Anybody Seen My Gal

Hash, Albert

Haste to the Wedding

Hatfield, Bert

Hattie Bell

Hatton, Bill

Have a Little Dance Tonight Boys

Have a Little Meeting in the Morning

Have I Told You Lateley That I Love You

Haven of Rest

Have You Any Time for Jesus

Have You Someone Waiting in Heaven

Hawaiian Guitar Music

Hawk Caught a Chicken

Hawk Caught A Chicken [Liza Jane]

Hawk Caught the Chicken and Flew

Hawker, Ginny

Hawk Got the Chicken

Hawkins, George

Hays, Pee Wee

Hay Scatter Blues, The

Hay Shaker's Rag

Haywood, John


He's in the Jailhouse Now

Headwaters of Tygart



Heaven's Jubilee

Heaven's Really Gonna Shine

Heaven is My Home

Heavenly Home

Heavenly Sunlight

Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All

Heidrick Four Quartet

He Is Knocking

He is With Me All the Way

Hell Above Maysville

Hell Again' the Barn Door

Hell Amongst the Yearlings

Hell Among the Yearlings

Hell and Scissors

Hell Broke Loose in Georgia

Hello Love

Hell Up the Holler

Helly Fire

Helmick, Bessie

He Loves Me

Helton, Casey

Helton, Hassell

Helton, Jack

Helton, Jackie

Helvetia Polka, The

Hen and Rooster

Hen cacklin

Hen Cacklin'

Henderson, Wayne

Henry Gann

Here, Rattler, Here

Here Comes Jack With a Fiddle On His Back Going to the Frolic

Here Rattler

Here Rattler Here

Herman, John

Herring, Caroline

Herron, Red

Hesistation Blues

He Walks With Me

He Whispers Sweet Peace To Me

He Will Set Your Fields on Fire

He Will Welcome Me

Hey JohnD

Hey Little Boy Where'd You Get Your Britches

Hey Old Man Can You Play A Fiddle


Hick's Farewell

Hickman County

Hickory Hollow

Hickory Jack

Hickory Leaf

Hicks, Jack

Hide Me O Blessed Rock of Ages

Hide Thou Me

Higgins, Karly Dawn

Higgins Farewell

High Country

Higher Ground

High Hills and Mountains

High Leigh Heigh Low

High Leigh High Low

High Level Hornpipe

High on the Mountain

Highway Blues

Hill, Elijah

Hillbilly Boogie

Hills of Roane County

Hinkle Pinkle

Hiram's Hornpipe

Hiram's Tune

His Eyes Are On the Sparrow

Hoedown Polka

Hog-Eyed Man

Hog Eyed Man

Hogs and Sheep Goin' to the Pasture

Hog Skin

Hog Went Through the Fence Yoke and All

Hokey Pokey

Holbrook, Cheryl

Holbrook, Earl

Holbrook, Tom Lee

Holcomb, Roscoe

Holden, Fairly

Hold On To God's Unchanging Hand

Hold To God's Unchanging Hand

Holmes Hornpipe

Holt, David

Holyoke Playboys

Home Brew Rag


Home In San Antone

Homemade Sugar

Home on the Banks of the River

Homer and Jethro

Homer Ledford and the Cabin Creek Band

Home Sweet Home

Hometown Quartet

Honey, Little Honey

Honey Babe Mine

Honey in the Rock

Honeysuckle Time

Hood, James

Hook and Line

Hook and String

Hook n' Line

Hoosier or Russian Rabbit

Hopkins, Doc

Hop Light Ladies

Hoppes, Doc W

Hopson, Mitchell

Hornpipers, The (music group)

Horse and Buggy

Horse Dance, The

Horses in the Canebrake

Horses in the Canebreak

Hoskins, Ray

Hospital Blues

Hot Corn, Cold Corn

Hot Corn Cold Corn

Hotmud Family

Houchen's Waltz

House Carpenter, The

House of Davey Blues

House of David Blues

House of Gold

Houston, Ralph

Houston, RD

Hovey, Rolf E

Howard, Clint

Howard, Jim

Howard, Peachie

Howard Dorsey (Announcer)

How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

Howell, John

How Great Thou Art

How Happy Are They

How Long Blues

How Long Has It Been Since you've Been Gone

How Long O Lord

How Many Biscuits Can You Eat

How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours

Hudnall, Sid

Hudson, Hosea

Hudson, Judy

Hudson, Judy Ritchie

Huldy in the Sinkhole

Hull's Victory

Hump Backed Mule

Hump Back Mule

Humphrey's Jig

Hungarian Americans--West Virginia--Cymbalum Music

Hungarian Americans--West Virginia--Music

Hungarian Dance Songs

Hungarian Folksongs

Hungry Hash house

Hunter, Joe

Hunter, Tommy

Hurley, Frank

Hurley, Henry

Hurt, Clovis

Hyatt, Keith, Rorrer, Kinney


hymn, religious song, religious song, spiritual, hymn

Hymns, English--Kentucky

Hymns, English--North Carolina

I"ll Meet You In the Morning

I'd Rather Be On the Inside Looking Out

I'd Rather Have Jesus

I'll Be All Smiles Tonight

I'll Be Back in a Year Little Darlin'

I'll Be Goin

I'll Be Home One Day

I'll Be Present When the Roll Is Called

I'll Do Anything for You

I'll Fly Away

I'll Learn You How to Rock Andy

I'll Meet You in the Morning

I'll Never Get Drunk Anymore

I'll Shout and Shine

I'll Take My Vacation in Heaven

I'll Trade All My Tomorrows for Just One Yesterday

I'll Wake Up in Glory Land

I'm A Good Hearted Woman

I'm a Poor Boy

I'm Blessed

I'm Bound For the Promised Land

I'm Finding New Joy

I'm Getting Ready to Go

I'm Going Around This World Baby Mine

I'm Going Away Dear Mother

I'm Going Back to Carolina

I'm Going Down to the River of Jordan

I'm Going On With the Lord

I'm Going to Make My Home

I'm Going to the West

I'm Gonna See My Friends Again

I'm Gonna Walk the Streets of Glory

I'm Happy as I Can Be in This Land

I'm in Love With a Handsome Man

I'm In The Gloryland Way

I'm In The New Jerusalem Way

I'm Leaving You Woman

I'm Longing For Home

I'm Now a Widow

I'm On My Way

I'm On My Way Back To The Old Home

I'm So Glad to be Here

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

I'm So Tired of Slipping Around With You

I'm the Villate Bad Boy

I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes

I'm Too Near Home to Go Back Now

I've Been Waiting

I've Been Waiting Lord to Go

I've Changed My Mind

I've Got a Girl Named Susie

I've Got A Grandpa

I've Got a Home in that Rock

I've Got a Little Place Way Out in Free Hill

I've Got A Longing To Go Home

I've Got No Money, But I Will Have Some Payday

I've Got Shoes

I've Got the Blues

I've Just Seen the Rock of Ages

I've Taken All I'm Gonna Take From You

I Am A Pilgrim

I Am a Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow

I Am a Poor Wayfaring Pilgrim

I Am A Poor Wayfaring Stranger

I Am A Poor Wayfaring Stranger ((Wayfaring Stranger)

I Am Blessed

I Am Bound To Travel On

I Am Dwelling on the Mountain

I Am Getting Ready To Go Home

I Am Left Alone

I Am Not Ashamed to Own My Lord (Arlington)

I Am On My Way

I Am Waiting and Watching

I Am Weary

I Believe I'll Go Back Home

I Believe In the Old Time Religion

I Belong To This Band (Ragan)

I Can't Be With You

I Can't Forget You Little Darling

I Can't Keep From Crying

I Can't Sit Down

I Can't Walk Without God Holding My Hand

I Can Almost See the Lights of Home

I Can Tell You the Time

I Claim Jesus First

I Cried Again

I Cried On and On

Icy Mountain

Ida Red

I Don't Care if You Never Come Back

I Don't Love Nobody

I Don't Love Nobody [Nothing To It]

I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven

If a Rooster Had a Toothache, Would a Hen Pull It

I Feel Like a Stranger in This World Below

I Feel Like Traveling On

If I Had My Way

If I Were A Carpenter

If I Were You I'd Make a Change

If Teardrops Pennies and Heartaches Were Gold

If the Ocean Was Brandy

If We Ever Meet Again This Side of Heaven

If You'll Let Me Be Your Little Sweetheart

If You Can't Help Me Please Don't Stop Me

If You Don't Love Me, Why Not Confess?

If You Don't Love Me Why Not Confess

If You Don't Love Your Neighbor You Don't Love God

I Gave My Love a Cherry

I Got a Bullfrog

I Got a Girl She's Crazy About Me

I Got A Longing to Go Home

I Had a Dream Last Night

I Have a Clear Title To a Mansion

I Have a Friend Above All Others

I Have A Lot Of Heaven in My Soul

I Have A Savior

I Have Heard About Heaven

I Have Heard of a City

I Have Letters From the Father

I Heard My Mother Call My Name in Prayer

I Know I'll Feel At Home In Heaven

I Know I'm Saved

I Know I Am Saved

I Know It Was the Blood

I Know That God Is Real

I Know the Lord Has Layed His Hands on Me

I Know Your Married But I Love You Still

I Left My Gal in the Mountains

I Like Mountain Music

Illinois Whiskey

I Loved You and I Still Do

I Love My Saviour Too

I Love to Tell the Story

I Love You

I Love You 'Cause You're You

I Love You For Myself

In A Million Years Where Will You Be

Independence, Virginia

Independence Folk Festival

Independence Folk Festival Independence, Virginia

Indian and the Woodhen (#2)

Indian Ate the Woodchuck

Indiana Waltz

Indian Creek

Indian Crickets

Indian Nation

Indian Squaw

Indian Tribes of Tennessee

I Need the Prayers of Those I Love

I Never Will Marry

In London City Where I Did Dwell

In My Adobe Hacienda

Inside the Gate

Inside The Gates



In the Blue Hills of Virginia

In The Evening By The Moonlight

In the Floods of Tribulation (Sweet Affliction)

In the Garden

In the Good Old Summertime

In The Hills Of Old Kentucky

In the Holler Where I was Born

In the Pines

In the Sweet By and By

In the Sweet Bye and Bye

In The Sweet Forever

In Those Days Came John the Baptist

Into the Gravy

Intoxicated Rat


I Only Exist

Iowa Center

Iowa Center [Ioway Center]

Ioway Center

I Read It In The Book Of Revelation

Irish Boy

Irish Washerwoman

Irish Washer Woman

Irish Wash Woman

I See Jesus

I Shall Know Him

I Shall Not Be Moved

It's A Little More Like Heaven

It's All Coming Home To You

It's a Long Ways Back to Dear Old Mother's Knee

It's a Long Way to Tipperary

It's A Shame to Throw Rice

It's a Sin

It's Aweful What Whiskey Will Do

It's Awful What Whiskey Will Do

It's Been a Long Time

It's Glory For Me

It's Going To Rain

It's Written in the Stars


I Thought My Name Was There

It Hurts Me Too

It is Real

It Makes No Difference Now

I Told Them All About You

It Rains Everywhere I Go

Its Alright Now

Its So Hard to Say Gooby to Yesterday

It Was a Dream

It Was Just a Dream

Iv'e Always Been A Rambler

I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl that Married Dear Old Dad

I Want a Mansion in Gloryland

I Want A Woman

I Want Jesus to Walk With Me

I Want To Be A Cowboy

I Want To Be Ready To Meet Him

I Want To Be With You Always

I Want To Keep Singing

I Want To Live and Love

I Was Born Four Thousand Years Ago

I Will Answer When He Calls My Name

I Will Be With You When the Roses Bloom Again

I Will Follow Thee

I Will Not Forget You Little Darling

I Will Not Leave This Land

I Wish I Had My Time Again

I Wish It Wasn't So

I Wish I Was A Lizard In the Spring

I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground

I Wish I Was Single Again

I Won't Marry At All

I Won't Turn Back

I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home

I Wonder What Will Become of Me

I Wonder When I Shall Be Married

I Wonder Where You Are Tonight

Jabbour, Alan

Jack and His Master

Jack and May

Jack and the Bull Stripe


Jackaro (Jackaroe)

Jackie Frazier

Jack of Diamonds

Jackson's Hornpipe

Jackson, Arlis

Jackson, John

Jackson, Sam "Peg Leg"

Jack Tales--Kentucky

Jack Was a Lonely Cowboy

Jack Wilson

Jacob's Ladder

Jacobs Ladder

Jake Gilley

Jake Gillie

Jealous Heart

Jean Ritchie Introduction

Jeff, Titon

Jeff Sturgeon

Jenkins, DeWitt "Snuffy"

Jenkins, Snuffy

Jennie Baker

Jennie Put the Kettle On

Jenny Baker

Jenny Get Around

Jenny Get Your Hoecake Done

Jenny in the Cotton Patch

Jenny Lynn

Jenny Lynn Polka

Jenny Nettles

Jenny Put the Kettle On

Jerilyn Ray and the Bluegrass Partners

Jerusalem Ridge

Jesse James

Jesse James (Incomplete)

Jesus Come Let Me Wash Your Feet

Jesus is All I Need

Jesus Is Coming Soon

Jesusita En Chihuahua

Jesus Left His Home In Glory

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Passed By

Jesus Precious King

Jesus Spoke To Me

Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley

Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley

Jew's Harp

Jew's Harp Music

Jim Along Josey

Jim Along Josie

Jim Lloyd

Jimmy Brown the Newsboy

Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Taylor-O

Jim Shank

Joe Bones

Joe Clark's Dream

Joeseph And Mary

Joe Turner's Blues

Joe Turner Blues

John Brown's Dream

John Cole

John Hardy

John Henry

John Henry (High)

John Henry (Low)

John Henry Twist

John Henry [On The Low Side]

John Jackson's Breakdown

Johnny Be Fair

Johnny Collins

Johnny Come Along

Johnny Court the Widow

Johnny Don't Get Drunk

Johnny Get Your Hair Cut

Johnny Inch Along

Johnny the Blacksmith

John Riley

John Salyer's Waltz

Johnson, AJ

Johnson, Alvie

Johnson, Arthur

Johnson, Betty

Johnson, Carl

Johnson, George

Johnson, Howard

Johnson, J Laurel

Johnson, Johnson, Mike

Johnson, Mary Katherine

Johnson, Nancy

Johnson, Walker

Johnson Boys

John the Revelator

Joke--West Virginia


Jonah and The Whale

Jonah in the Windstorm

Jones, Alisa

Jones, Carl

Jones, Carol

Jones, Carol Elizabeth

Jones, Carol Elizabeth & Reynolds, George

Jones, Eddie

Jones, Grandpa

Jones, Hubert

Jones, Judy and Julie

Jones, Loyal

Jones, Pap

Jones, Ramona

Jones Creek Quartet


Jordan, Bob



Joshua's Vision

Joshua Fit the Battle of Jerico

Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee



Judd, Vernon

Judd, Zora

Judie and Julie (Jones), My Sweet Chaquita

Judy and Jean

Jug Band

Jug Band Music--Kentucky

Juice Headed Woman

JuliannAnn Johnson


Juliann Johnson


June Apple

Just a Closer Walk With Thee

Just a Few More Days of Sorrow

Just a Little Talk With Jesus

Just A Lonely Hobo

Just As I Am

Just as the Sun Went Down

Just Because

Justice, Kay

Just Over The Stars

Kansas City Here I Come

Kansas City Rag

Kash, Bob

Kate's Got the Bellyache

Katie Morey

Katy Did Waltz

Katy Fetch the Soap Home

Katy Hill

Katy Hill [Speed the Plow]


Kay, Gay

Kays, Danny

Kays, Everett

Kazee, Buell

Kazee, Philip

Kazee, Philip (Phil)

Keaton, Walter

Keene, Hank

Keep an Eye on Your Heart

Keep On The Sunny Side

Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off of Me

Keep Your Hand Upon the Plow

Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning

Keibler, Abe

Kelly, Margie

Kelly, Santford

Kelly, Santford "Santford"


Kentucky--Economic Conditions


Kentucky Clodhoppers

Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Hilltoppers

Kentucky Mandolin

Kentucky Moonshiner's Song

Kentucky Mountain Boys

Kentucky on the March (Radio Program)

Kentucky Running Set (Killiecrankie)

Kentucky Traditions (Radio Program)

Kentucky Waltz

Kentucky Wild Horse

Kentucky Winder

Kentucky Wit and Humor

Kessinger, Charlie

Keys To the Highway

Keys To the Kingdom

Key to the Highway

Key to the Highway Blues

Khun, Fred

Kickin' Mule

Kickin' Up the Devil on the Holiday

Kicking Mule

Kidd and the Bacon

Kidwell, Van

Kincaid, Bradley

Kind Hearted Woman

King, Martin Luther, Jr, 1929-1968

Kingery, Pat

Kinney, Charlie

Kirby, Rich

Kissinger, Benny

Kissinger, Bud

Kiss Me Mother Kiss Your Darling

Kiss Me Quick

Kiss Me Sweet

Kiss Me Waltz

Kitty's Wedding

Kitty Clyde

Kitty Kline

Kitty Puss

Kline, Michael

Knee Deep in Blues

Knee Deep Song

Knock Around the Kitchen 'Till the Cook Comes In

Knopp, Minzie

Knoxville Blues

Knoxville Girl

Kohala March

Kora Music

Krack, Jake

Kuykendall, Arthur

L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore

L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore

L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore, The

La Bikina

La Culebra

Lacy Brown

Ladies Fancy

Ladies in the Ballroom

Ladies on the Steamboat

Lady's Fancy

Lady Gay (Child #79)

Lady Grey, The

Lady Isabel and the Elfin Knight

Lady Isabelle (Child #4)

Lady Margaret

Lady of Amsterdam

Lady Went A Hunting

Laid Her High Laid Her Low

Lair, John

Lair John

Lakes of the Pontchartrain

Lakota Love [Souix Love Song]


Lamb, Donna

Lamb, Lewis

Lamb, Lewis & Donna

Lamb, Lewis and Donna

Lambert's Special

Lamb Lewis & Donna

Lamplighters Hornpipe

Land Just Over The Stars

Lane, Burt

La Negra

Langdon, Fred

Lange, Evelyn "Daisey"

Lanham, John

Lansdale, Jake

Lansing Quadrille [Lancer's Quadrille?]

Larkin, Dennis

Last Chance Lullaby [Lullaby]

Last Gold Dollar

Last Goodbye

Last House in Conaught

Last May Morn

Last of Callahan

Last of Harris

Last of Old Callahan

Last of Sizemore

Last of Sizemore (Callahan)

Late Last Night

Laughing Boy

Laurel Lonesome

Lawson, Isaac

Lay Down Beside Me

Lay Me Down a Pallet on your Floor

Lazy John

Lazy Kate

Lead Out


Leather Britches

Leather Winged Bat


Ledford, Homer

Ledford, Lilly May

Ledford, Lily May

Ledford, Minnie "Black-Eyed Susie"


Lee, Pat

Lee Highway Blues

Left Me for Someone Else

Left My Gal In the Mountains

Leitchfield, Kentucky Baptist Church Quartet

Lend Me A Hand Please Lord

Lensing Quadrille

Let Her Go, I'll Meet Her

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Let Me Fall

Letter's Tune

Let Us Be Lovers Again

Let Us Take The Wings Of The Morning

Leva, James

Lewis, Jerry

Lewis, Maxine


Liberty Band

Licking River Boys

Lie a Little Longer

Life's Railway to Heaven

Life Is Like a Mountain Railroad

Lifeline Hour (Radio Program)

Life on the Farm

Life Without You Won't Be the Same

Light At The River

Lightning Bolts

Lightning Express

Lightning in the East

Like A Hurricane

Lile, Walter

Lillie, Margaret (An't Idy)

Lilly, Margaret (An

Lilly, Margaret (An't Idy)

Lime Rock: Fraley, JP

Lincoln's Gun Boat


Lined-Out Hymns--Kentucky

Lined-Out Hymns--Virginia

Linin' Track

Linsey, Larry

Linville Rag

Listen to the Honeybee

Listen to the Mockingbird

Lit Out

Little Bessie

Little Betty Ann

Little Betty Anne

Little Birdie

Little Black Bronc

Little Black Dog

Little Black Eyed Susan

Little Black Moustache

Little Black Train

Little Bobby

Little Bonnie

Little Bonnie Blue Eyes

Little Boy Working on the Road

Little Brown Jug

Little Cabin Home on the Hill

Little Carpenter

Little Cat

Little Clog

Little Colonels, The

Little Country Rose

Little Daisy

Little Darlin

Little Dog

Little Eller (Beth Cremer)

Little Eller (Beth Kremer)

Little Georgia Rose

Little Girl Dressed in Blue

Little Green Valley

Little Home in West Virginia

Little Home To Go To

Little Joe

Little Liza Jane

Little Maggie

Little Margaret

Little Mohee

Little Mohee, The

Little Old Band of Gold

Little Old Cabin in the Lane

Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane

Little Omie Wise

Little Orphan Boy

Little Orphan Girl

Little Pal

Little Popular Log House

Little Ripen Pear

Little Rose

Little Rosewood Casket

Little Soldier Boy

Little Sparrow

Little Stream of Whiskey

Littleton, Emory

Little Turtle Dove

Little White Dog

Little Whitewashed Chimney

Little Widow

Little Willie

Live Humble

Livers, Bill

Livers, Lambert

Living By Faith

Liza Jane

Liza Up In The 'Simmon Tree

Lloyd, Jim

Loch Lavan

Loch Lavan Castle

Lodner's Reel

Lomax, Alan, 1915-2002

Lonely Babe

Lonely Tomb

Lonely Tombs

Lonesome Blues

Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove, The

Lonesome John

Lonesome Laundromat Blues

Lonesome Mill

Lonesome Road

Lonesome Road Blues

Lonesome Valley Sally

Lonesome Without You

Lone Star Rag

Long, Ashley

Long, Mike

Longest Day

Longing For Home

Long John

Long Sought Home

Lonsome Dove

Lonsome Indian

Look Away to Heaven

Lookin' For the Man That Sings Them Hillbilly Songs

Looking for Henry Lee

Look On The Brighter Side

Lookout Mountain

Look Up Look Down That Lonesome Road

Lord Bateman

Lord Batesman

Lord Have Mercy

Lord I'm Coming Home

Lord in the Morning (Exhortation)

Lord I Want Two Wings

Lord Stand By Me

Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender

Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender (The Brown Girl)

Lord Use Me

Lord You Know You Spared My Life



Losing My Sleep Over You

Lossiah Family Singers

Lost Boy

Lost Girl

Lost Girl, The

Lost Indian

Lost John

Lost Love

Lost Partridge

Lost Soul

Love, Oh Love

Love in Vain

Love Is All I Need

Love is Just a Five Letter Word

Love Letters In the Sand

Lovely Nancy

Love Me Tonight

Love Of The Mountains

Love Somebody

love song

love song, lyric song, lyric song

Loving Hannah

Lower Edge of Breathitt

Lower Lights Keep Burning, The

Lozier, John

Lozier, Mary

Lucy Long

Lula Combed Down Her Hair

Lula I Told You Once Before

Lula Walls


Lulu's Back in Town

Lulu Wall

Lunsford, Bascom Lamar

Lurson, Jim

Lynch, Elbert

lyric song

Mabe, Wilson

Mac and Walnut

Macfie, Anne

Mack, Dwayne, 1968

Mac Wiseman Renfro Valley Bluegrass Festival


Madam, I Have Come a Courting


Maggy Kneed

Magnify the Lord

Ma He's Makin' Eyes at Me

Maiden's Prayer

Maidens Prayer

Mainer, Julia

Mainer, Wade

Make a Change

Make Friends

Make My Home In Macon Georgia

Mama's Old Faded Sunbonnet

Mama Blues

Man And Wife Quarreling

Man at the Mill

Mandolin Music--Kentucky

Mandolin Music--North Carolina

Mandolin Music--Virginia

Man Eater

Man Gave Names To All The Animals

man goes to see the Doctor

Manitoba Waltz

Man of Constant Sorrow

Mansion for Me

Mansions For Me

Maple on the Hill

Maple Sugar

March Down to Old Tennessee

Marching Through Georgia

Margaret's Waltz



Mariachi Loco

Mariachi Mi Mexico


Marks, Phyllis

Marmaduke's Hornpipe

Marmaduke Hornpipe

Martha Cambell

Martha Campbell

Martin, Asa

Martin, Basil

Martin, Emory

Martin, Ernest

Martin, Hubert

Martin, Jessie

Martin, John

Martin, Joyce

Martin, LC

Martin, Linda Lou

Martin, Slim

Martin Asa

Mary Ann

Mary Clay Sweethears, The

Mary Dear

Mary Don't You Weep

Mary Johnson

Mary Marshall

Mary of the Wild Moor

Mary Washington

Mashburn, Rob

Mason, Bob

Massa's Gone Away

Massek, Sue

Masters, John

Masters, Larry, Dixie Breakdown

Match Box Blues

Matthew 24


May I Sleep in Your Barn?

Mays, Benjamin


May You Never Be Alone Like Me

McBee, Gilbert

McClain Family Band

McCord, Sam

McCown, Jimmy and Ada

McCown, Jimmy and Ada, Each Day I'll Do a Golden Deed

McCruiston, Shorty

McCutcheon, John

McDaniel, Bill

McDaniel, Nancy

McDonald, Old

McDonald, Quinton "Old"

McDonald, Ruby

McGee, Jim

McGee, Sam

McGuire Sisters

McKeehan, Junior

McKinley's March

McLain, Raymond

McLain Family Band

McMichen, Clayton

McMillon, Bobby

McMitchum's Reel

McNew, Walter

McNew, Walterl

McNew Family Singers

McPeak Brothers

Meade, Doug

Meade, Gene

Meade, Gus

Me and My Fiddle

Medly of Carter Family Tunes

Meeting At the Old Camp Ground

Meeting is Over

Melody Five

Melody Range Riders


Memories of Love

Memories of Old Kentucky Home

Memories of Shetland

Memory Waltz

Memphis Blues


Meredith, James

Meredith, John Louis "Coot"

Meridian Waltz


Merritt, Andy



Methodist Pie

Middleton, Beck

Middleton, Jewel



Midnight is Past

Midnight Special

Midnight Walk

Midnight Waltz

Mighty Gospel Harmonizers

Mike in the Wilderness

Mile Long Train

Milenberg Joys

Milk Cow Blues

Miller's Reel

Miller's Will

Miller, CA

Miller, CA Songs--Appalachian Region

Miller, Chester

Miller, Jasper

Miller, Miller

Miller, Slim

Miller, Walter

Miller Blues

Milnes, Gerald

Milnes, Gerry

Mineer, Brooks

Miner's Dream


Minner on the Hook

Minnow On the Hook

Minnow On the Line

Mint Julep

Mississippi Sawyer

Mississippi Shore

Miss Liza

Miss Molly

Miss Otis

Mobley, Pleaz

Mocking Bird

Mole in the Ground

Molly Bonder

Molly Darlin'

Molly Darling

Monday, Jerry

Money Musk

Mongol, Bruce

Monkey on a String

Monkey on the Fence

Monky On A String

Monroe, Bill

Monroe, Charlie

Montgomery (Ala)

Moon Behind the Hill


Moonlight Girl

Moore, Eddie

More Pretty Girls Than One

Morgan, Janis K

Morgan On the Railroad

Morgans, The

Morris, Banjo Music--West Virginia

Morris, Banjo Music--West Virginia

Morris, David

Morris, Happy

Morris, John

Moser, Artus

Moser, Joan

Moss, Buddy

Mother's Bible

Mother's Grave

Mother's Last Message

Mother's Little Children Seen Hardtimes

Mother's Not Dead She's Only Sleeping

Mother's Old Sun Bonnet (instrumental)

Mother of Mine

Mountain Blues

Mountain Dew

Mountain Heritage Folk Festival

Mountain Hornpipe

Mountain Rangers

Mountain Tradition

Movin' On

Mrs Murphy's Boarding House

Muddy Creek

Muddy Road To Dublin

Muddy Road to Ducktown

Mule Skinner Blues

Mullenex, Ron

Mullins, Bill

Mullins, Doris

Mullins, Harry (Little Clifford)

Mullins, Ira

Mullins, Jasper

Mullins, Walter

Mullins, Zeke

Mullins Family

Muncy, Jane

Murder of Colonel Sharp


Musical Saw

Musical Saw Music--Kentucky

Music festivals



Muskrat Song

Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone

My Baby's Gone and Left Me

My Blue Ridge Mountain Home

My Brown Eyed Texas Rose

My Buddy

My Daddy Was A Gambler

My Dear Old Innocent Boy

My Dixie Darling

Myers, David

My Heavenly Mansion

My Home

My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains

My Home, Sweet Home

My Home Across the Blue Ridge

My Home is Across the Blue Ridge Mountains

My Last Gold Dollar is Gone

My Life and My All

My Little Girl

My Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me

My Love Is Like a Red Rose

My Lovin' Gal Lucille

My Name Was There

My Old Cabin Home

My Old Kentucky Home

My Old Pal of Yesterday

My Parents Treated Me Tenderly

My Peach Trees are All in Bloom

My Pretty Little Indian Napanee

My Pretty Quadroon

My Race Is Almost Run

My Rooster

My Savior First Of All

My Saviour Will Take Me Home

My Sock

My Soul Is Now Singing

My Soul Shall Live On

Nail Scarred Hand

Nancy Dawson

Naomi Wise


Napoleon's Charge

Napoleon's Retreat

Nashville Blues

Ned Kendall's Hornpipe

Nelson, Orin

Nelson, Paula

Never Grow Old

Never Leave Harlan Alive

Never No Mo Blues

New Coon Uptown

New Five Cents

New Hazard Hayride (Radio Program)

New Liberty

New Money

New Money and Cherry River Rag

New River Buddies

New River Train

Newt's Dream

Next Sunday Darlin Is My Birthday

Nigger Inch Along

Nigger Inches Along

Nigger in the WoodPike

Nigger Run



Nine Hundred Miles

Nine Pound Hammer


Nobody's Business

Nobody's Business But My Own

Nobody's Darlin' But Mine

Nobody But Me

Nobody Wants a Looser

No Corn on Tigert

No Place to Call Home

Norris, Cari

Northern, Charles

Northern, Elva

Northern Kentucky Brotherhood Singers

Norton, Dellie Chandler

Norton, Dellie Chandler My Mother Called Me When She Was Dying

Norwood Hoedowners

Norwood Schottische

Not Made with Hands

Novelty Aces

Now and Then

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Now Is The Cool Of The Day

nursery rhyme

O'er Death's Sea


Ocean Wave

Of Wandering Aengus

Oh, I Wish I Had Someone to Love

Oh Come Angel Band

Oh Darlin

Oh Darlin'

Oh Happy Day

Oh How Wonderful Oh How Marvelous

Oh Lord, I Feel So Weary

Oh Lord You've Been So Good to Me

Oh No, John

Oh Sinner Look Back

Oh The Glory Did Roll

Oh They Called Old John From the Island

Oh What Singing

Ojibwa Song

Oklahoma Hills

Oklahoma Turnback

Oklahoma Turnpike

Oklahoma Waltz

Ol' Cow Crossing The Road

Old, Old House


Old-time music-- West Virginia

Old Age Pension Blues

Old Aunt Dinah

Old Aunt Jenny

Old Aunt Jenny With Her Nightcap On

Old Baptist Choir

Old Bell Ewe and Little Speckled Wether

Old Billy Hell

Old Billy In the Low Ground

Old Blackberry Blossom

Old Black Cat Couldn't Catch A Rat

Old Black Joe

Old Black Mountain Trail

Old Blind Bartemus

Old Blind Drunk John

Old Blue

Old Blue Bonnett

Old Bob

Old Brass Wagon

Old Bunch of Keys

Old Buzzard

Old Carolina Breakdown

Old Christmas Morning

Old Churchyard

Old Church Yard

Old Cook Pot

Old Coon Dog

Old Coon Dog [& STORY: Pickin' Chickens]

Old Cottage Home

Old Country Church

Old Cross Road

OLd Dan Tucker

Old Davy Dugger

Old Drennon

Old Fashioned Locket

Old Fire on the Mountain

Old Fish Song

Old Flannagan

Old Folks

Old George's Square

Old Granny Blair

Old Granny Rattletrap

Old Gray Bonnet

Old Gray Mare

Old Grey Eagle

Old Grey Mare

Old Harrison

Old Hen Cackle

Old Hen Cackled

Old Hen Cackled,

Old Jimmy Sutton

Old Job

Old Joe

Old Joe Clark

Old John

Old John's Been Shuckin' My Corn

Old Kentucky

Old Kentucky Whiskey

Old Liberty

Old Man Moses

Old Man of the Mountains

Old Moon of Kentucky

Old Mother Flannigan

Old Mountain Dew

Old Ned

Old Oaken Bucket

Old Peddler and His Wife

Old Pumpkin Vine

Old Rattler

Old Rattlers Pup

Old Red Rooster

Old Reuben

Old Reuben's Train

Old Rugged Cross

Old Sagefields

Old Schottische

Old Ship of Zion

Old Smokey

Old Spinning Wheel

Old Spinning Wheel, The

Old Stepstone

Old Susan's Gone

Old Tennessee

Old Time Religion

Old Time Rovin Gambler

Old Tobacco Hill

Old Tom Wilson

Old Turkey Gobler

Old Uncle Ned

Old Village Churchyard

Old Village Home

Old Virge

Old Voile

Old Witched

Ole Coon Dog

O Lonesome Me

O Lord Hold My Hand

Omie Wise

On A Little Dream Ranch

On And On We'll Walk Together

On And On We Walk Together

Once I Courted A Pretty Little Girl

Once I Had an Old Gray Mare

One-Eyed Riley

One Dime Was All I Had

One Earth

One More Day

One More River to Cross

One More Valley

One Morning in May

One Room Country Shack

One Tiny Bud

Onion Tops and Turnip Greens

On Jordan's Stormy Bank I Stand

On Jordan's Stormy Banks

On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand

On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand (The Promised Land)

Only a Miner

Only One Step More

On the Hills Over There

On the Other Hand Baby

On the Sea of Galilee

On The Sea Of Life

On the Sunny Side of the Rockies

On the Way Home

On the Wings of an Angel

On Top Of Mount Zion

On Top of Old Smokey

Ook-Pik Waltz

Open Up Dem Pearly Gates

Opera Reel

Oprys Reel

Oral history

Oral history--Appalachian Region, Southern

Oral History--Berea College (Ky)

Oral History--Kentucky

Orange Blossom Special

Orangle Blossom Special

Origin of Man

Orphan Girl

Orphan Girl, The


O Turn Ye O Turn Ye For Why Will Ye Die

Out On the Lone Prairie

Overlooking Oregon

Over the Rainbow

Over the River Charlie

Over the Waterfall

Over the Waves

Over the Waves Waltz

Over to Uncle John's House


O Ye Young Ye Gay Ye Proud

Paddy Don't You Want Some Good Old Cider

Paddy in the Morning

Paddy on the Pike

Paddy on the Turnpike

Paddy on the Turnpike, Baker Billy

Paddy Won't You Drink Some

Paddy Won't You Drink Some Good Old Cider

Page, Noble

Pale Horse and His Rider

Palmer, Andy

Palmer, Rick

Panhandle Rag

Paper of Pins

Parham, Chub

Park, Fred

Parker, Randall

Parsons, Pheoba

Parsons, Phoeba

Passing of the Train

Pass the Jug Around the Hill

Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade

Patrick, Beech

Patrick, Birch

Patty Malone

Patty Won't You Drink Some Good Old Cider (C)

Pay Day

Payne, Vernon "Peanut"

Payton Ray and the Beargrass Creek Boys

Peace in the Valley

Peace Pipe Dance

Peach Picken' Time in Georgia

Peacock Rag

Pear in a Paradise

Pearl Bryant

Pearly Blue

Peas in the Pot

Peck, Elisabeth Sinclair


Pedi, Don

Peek A Boo Waltz

Peg And Awl

Pennington's Farewell

Pennington, Eddie

Pennington, Larry

Pennington, Lily May (Ledford)

Pennington, Raymond

Pennington, Tim

Penny Whisle Music

Penny Whistle Music

Perry, Clarence "Penny"

Perry, Raymond


Phelps, Jake

Phelps, WL "Jake"

Phelps, W L "Jake"

Phelps, WL (Jake)

Philadelphia Lawyer

Phipps, AL

Phipps, Earl

Phipps Family

Phipps Family Singers

Phuz Street Nuklbusters

Piano Music--Kentucky

Pick a Little Cotton and Spin Some Too

Piedmont Blues

Pierson Effie

Pig in a Pen

Pig in the Pin

Pig Town Fling

Pike County Breakdown

Pinball Blues

Pine Ridge Boys

Pine Top

Pinex Merrymakers (Radio Program)

Piney Ridge

Pioneeer Mother of Mine

Pirddy, Coy

Plantation Party (Radio Program)


Please Don't Go

Please Send Me Someone to Love

Pleasure of a Single Life

Pliney Jane

Plucking Out the Devil's Eye


Poems, English--Kentucky

Poems--Appalachian Region

Polecat Blues

Police Dog Blues

Polish My Shoes in the Middle of the Week

Polly Grand

Polly Put the Kettle On


Pond Creek Polka

Poor Boy

Poor Boy, Long Way from Home

Poor Boy a Long Way From Home

Poor Ellen Smith

Poor Girl's Waltz

Poor Little Kitty Puss

Poor Lulie

Poor Orphan Girl

Poor Wayfaring Stranger


Popular music--United States

Popular Songs--Kentucky

Portsmouth Airs

Possum Up a Simmon Tree

Prairie Run Waltz

Praise the Lord O My Soul

Prater, Bob

Prather, Bobby

Prather, Glenda

Prather Bobby

Preacher and the Bear

Preacher and the Bear, The

Preacher and the drunk

Preacher Song, The [Don't You Hear Jerusalem Mourn]

Precious Lord

Precious Memories

Prepare Me, Oh Lord

Prepare To Meet Thy God

President Garfield's Favorite

Prettiest Gal in the County O

Prettiest Girl in the County-O

Prettiest Girl In The County O

Prettiest Little Galin the County-O

Prettiest Little Gal in the County-O

Pretty Baby Won't You Dance

Pretty Fair Miss

Pretty Fair Miss in the Garden

Pretty Little Bird

Pretty Little Darlin'

Pretty Little Indian

Pretty Little Miss All in the Garden

Pretty Little Widow

Pretty Mommy

Pretty Peggy O

Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly Ann

Pretty Saro

Pretty Words

Price, Norman

Prichard Quartet

Pridemore, Marion

Pride of Canada

Prince of Peace

Princes That Could Not Cry, Valentine, Agnus

Prisoner's Song

Prisoners Song

Proffitt, Charlie

Proffitt, Frank Jr

Psaltery Music

Pumpkin Vine

Puncheon Floor

Push Me Daddy

Put on the Old Grey Bonnet

Put Your Arms Around Me Honey

Put Your Hand to the Plow

Put Your Little Foot Out

Quail Dance

Quaker's Courtship, The

Queen City Hornpipe

Queen Family Band


Quinton, Jack


Rabbit in a Log

Rabbit in the Pea Patch

Rabbit Sittin' in the Corner of the Fence


Rader, Lloyd

Radio journalism

Radio Programs--Alabama

Radio Programs--Kentucky

Radio Programs--Ohio

Radio Programs--Tennessee

Radio Programs--Virginia

Ragged Annie

Raggedy Ann

Raglif Jaglif Tetartlif Pole

Ragtime Annie

Ragtime Annie/Golden Slippers

Ragtime Cowboy Joe

Ragtime music

Railroad Bill

Railroad Blues

Railroad Boy

Railroad is Finnished, The

Railroad Through the Rocky Mountains

Rain and Snow

Rainbow's End

Raining on the Mountain

Rainy Day

Ramblin' Blues

Ramblin' Hobo

Ram of Darby, The

Ramsey, Evelyn

Ramsey, Grant & Essie

Ramshakle Shack

Randall's Hornpipe

Randolph, Mary

Rank Stranger

Rank Strangers

Raper, Porter "Red"

Rare Willy Drowned in the Arrow

Rascoe, Moses

Rat's Gone to Rest

Rattlesnake Hornpipe

Rattle Snakin' Daddy

Rattlin' Down the Acorns

Raven Rock Dancers

Rawhead and Bloodybones


Rawlings, Carlton

Ray, Jerilyn

Raymond's Breakdown

Reagon, Bernice

Rebels Raid

Reckless Hornpipe

Rector, Red

Red Apple Rag

Red Bird Waltz

Red Budd Trio

Red Bud Trio

Red Foley Memorial Music Award

Red Haired Boy

Red Haired Boy, The

Red Hand Boogie

Red Headed Horseman

Red Hills

Red Lick

Red Lips

Red River Blues

Red River Valley

Red Rockin' Chair

Red Rocking Chair

Red Rooster

Red Rooster [She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain]

Red Wing


Redwood Hill

Reed Island Rounders

Reedy, Norm Fae

Reese, Nat

Rejected Lover

Rejected Lover, The

religious song


Renfro Valley Barn Dance

Renfro Valley Barn Dance (Radio Program)

Renfro Valley Barn Dance Closing Music

Renfro Valley Breakfast Party (Radio Program)

Renfro Valley Country Store (Radio Program)

Renfro Valley Gatherin' (Radio Program)

Renfro Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention

Renfro Valley Polka

Renfro Valley Redbud Festival

Renfro Valley Traditional Music Festival


Resnick, Mike

Resurection Morning


Reuben's Train


Reubin's Train

Reynolds, Davis

Reynolds, Wilse

Rice, Darlene

Rice, Darlene, Happyland Travelers

Rice, Pauline

Rice, Shelia

Rich Man Stole the Poor Man's Wife

Richmond Blues

Rich Old Lady, The

Rickett's Hornpipe

Ricky Ellen

Ride Kentuckians Ride

Ride Old Buck to Water

Ride On Jesus Ride

Ridin' Down the Canyon

Ridin' That Old Texas Trail

Ridin' The Range

Riding Down That Old Texas Trail

Rigdon, Clarence

Rigsby, Harry

ring play

Ritchie, Jean

Ritchie Family

ritual song

River of Jordan

Rivers of Shannon

Road Song, The [poem by Muriel Miller Dressler]

Roamin' In The Gloamin'

Roan Mountain Hilltoppers

Roan Mt Hilltoppers

Roberts, Doc

Roberts, Gilbert

Roberts, James

Roberts, Leonard Ward

Robinson, Joe L

Rock Away

Rock Creek Girls

Rock Creek Rangers

Rock Julia

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages Hide Thou Me

Rock Salt And Nails

Rock the Cradle and Cry

Rock the Cradle Lucy

Rocky Andy

Rocky Ford

Rocky Ford (Shoals)

Rocky Island

Rocky Mountain Billy Goat

Rocky Mountain Express

Rocky Mountain Goat

Rocky Mountains

Rocky Pallet

Rocky Pallet (C)

Rocky Road

Rocky Road Blues

Rocky Road to Dublin

Rocky Top

Rogers, Donnie

Rogers, Hubert

Roll Along Kentucky Moon

Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms

Roll On Buddy

Roll on John

Rollyson, Fern

Romance In Durango

Room in Heaven For Me

Rooshian Rabbit


Rosa Lee

Rose Cona Lee

Rose Connelly

Rose for Polly

Rose in the Mountain

Rose of Old Kentucky

Rose of Sharon

Rose of the Mountain

Roses Are Shining in Picardy

Roses at the Door

Roses in the Morning

Rosewood Casket

Rosin on the Bow

Ross, Ralph (Ralph Grubbs)

Ross, Solova

Ross, Tom

Rough and Ready

Rough Trails

Roundtown Girls


Rovin' Gambler

Roving Gambler

Rowan County Troubles

Rowe, Lou

Row Us Over the Tide

Roxeanna Waltz

Rubber Dolly


Rucker, Rhonda

Rucker, Sparky

Ruffled Britches


Rufus Blossom

Run Away Nigger

Run Boy Run (A)

Run Boys Run

Run Johnny Run

Runnin' the Strings

Rustic Dance

Rusty Gate Quartet

Rusty Night Dance

Rye Straw

Rye Straw [Buck Creek Gals]


Sabor A Mi

Sadie at the Backdoor

Said the Child as He Stood

Sail Away Huldy

Sail Away Ladies

Sail Away to Glory

Sailor's Hornpipe

Saint Louis Blues

Sal's Got a Wooden Leg

Sal, Sal, Let Me Chew Your Rosin

Salem's Bright King

Sal Got A Meat Skin

Salley in the Garden

Sallie's Got Mud Between Her Toes

Sallie Cooper

Sallie Goodin

Sally's Not The Same Old Sally

Sally and the Coon Hunter

Sally Ann

Sally Comin' In The Rye

Sally Cooper (Indian Nation Or Betty Baker)

Sally Goodin

Sally Goodin'

Sally Goodin',

Sally in the Garden

Sally Johnson

Sally of London [Sally Wellls]

Sally Put the Kettle On

Salt River

Salty Dog

Salty Teardrops

Salty Tear Drops

Salvation Oh, the Name I Love

Salyer, Garland

Salyer, John Morgan

Salyer, John Morgan, Trouble on My Mind


Same Old Story

Same Train

Samples, Grover

Samples, Mack

Samuel Moore and Johnny Dye

Sanantonio Rose

San Antonio Rose

Sanders, Grinda

Sanders, Jim

Sand Mountain Blues

Sand Mountain Breakdown

Sand Riffle

Sandusky, Arville "Sandy"


Sandy Boys

Sandy Land

Sandy River Belle

Sarah's Breakdown

Satan I Won't Be Your Servant No More


Saturday Night Shuffle

Save a Seat for Me

Saved By Grace

Saylor, Don

Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle


Scarlet Purple Robe


Scofield Mine Disaster


Scoo Ba Doo


Scott's Reel

Scott, Bernice

Scruggs, Carlton

Seamis O'Brien

Sean O'Riley (Irish Version Of John Riley)

Second Set Of First Quadrilles

Seeger, Mike

See My Girl Later

Selma (Ala)


sentimental song

September Song

Setters, Jilson

Set Your Fields on Fire

Seven Are We

Seven Nights Drunk

Seven Spanish Angels

Seventy Six Quartet

Sewell, Boss


Sexton, Daisy Jane and Jim

Sexton, Lee

Sexton, Morgan

Sexton, Philip

Shady Grove

Shady Grove [mix-up]

Shady Lane

Shake Hands with Mother Again

Shaker Ben

Shakin' Down Acorns

Shakin' Down the Acorns


Shamrock Shoddy

Shamrock Shoddy'

Shannon, Maurice

Shannon Waltz

Shanty Town

Shape Note Singing--Kentucky

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain

She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes

She's Got Something There

She's On the Road Again

Shea, Jim

She Danced All Night in the Fiddler's Shoes

Sheep in the Meadow, Cows in the Corn

She Lay in the Hammock & Played Her Guitar

Shelvin' Rocks

Shelvin Rock

Shenandoah Falls

Shephard, Cecil

Sheridan's Rag

Sherman O'Bryan

Sherril, Pappy

Sherrill, Homer "Pappy"

Shiloh's Hill

Shine On Me

Shinn, Larry D, 1942-

Shipping Port


Ship That Never Returned

Shoe Hill

Shoeshine Boy

Shoot That Turkey Buzzard

Shortenin' Bread

Short Life of Trouble

Shortnin' Bread

Shortnin Bread

Short Time Here and a Long Time Gone

Shout Little Lula

Shout Lou

Shout Lula

Shout Lulu

Shout Old Lulu

Shucking the Corn

Shuffle Up the Boat

Shuffling Back

Sick and Down Blues

Sift the Meal and Save the Brand

Sikora, Walter

Silly Bill

Silver Bells

Silver Dagger

Silver Jane

Silver Threads Among the Gold

Silver Tree

Simmons, Bob

Simpson County

Sincalir Sunday Serenade (Radio Program)

Since I Fell for You


Sinclair Sunday Serenade (Radio Program)

Singing Family of the Cumberlands

Singing Keeps Me Happy

Singing Waterfall

Single Girl

Singleton, Sarah

Sing Your Own Song

Sinless Summer Land

Sinner You Must Die

Sit At Home

Sittin' Down Here Wonderin'

Sitting on Top of the World

Six Bits of Rhythm Jug Band

Six Bits of Rythm Jug Band

Sixth of January

Six White Horses

Sizemore, Asher

Sizemore, Charles Edward "Buddy Boy"

Sizemore, James L "Little Jimmie"

Sizemore, Nancy Louise

Siúil A Rún

Skip Along Lizzie

Skip Along Teddy

Skip To My Lou

Skirvin, Clarence

Sky-Bald Paint

Slaughter, Matokie

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Lula

Sleepy Eyed Joe

Sleepy Eyed John

Sleepy Lula

Slidin' Tune

Slim Martin

Slippin' Around

Slone, Denny

Slow Joe

Slow Motion Time

Smiley, Sam

Smith's Reel

Smith, Betty

Smith, Emma

Smith, Fonza

Smith, Fred

Smith, Glen

Smith, Harley

Smith, Hobart, 1897-1965

Smith, Paul

Smithson, Benny

Smoak, Jim

Smoak House Jam

Smokey Hornnpipe

Smokey Mountain Cloggers

Smokey Ridge Boys

Smokey Road

Smokey Row

Smoky Hornpipe

Smoky Row

Smoky Row (G),

Snake Charm Waltz


Sneed, Roy

Snodderly, Mack

Snowball Babe

Snowbird in the Ash Bank

Snowbird On the Ashbank

Snow Deer


Snowflake Breakdown

Snowflake Reel


Soapsuds in the Washpan

Soapsuds Over the Fence

Sobel, Rich

Social Conditions--Kentucky

Soldier's Joy

Soldiers Farewell

Soldiers Joy

Solider's Joy

Solider Traveling from the North

So Long I've Been Waiting

Somebody's Talkin' bout Jesus

Somebody Touched Me

Some Day

Someday We'll Meet Again Sweetheart

Some Morning I'll See Him

Some of These Days

Someone Exactly Like You

Someone Who Loves You

Something Got Ahold Of Me

Something Sweet To Tell You

Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child

Somewhere my Love

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Song of the Nightingale

Songs, English--Kentucky

Songs--Appalachian Region

Sons of Glory

Sooka Flanagan

Sook Pied

Sopping the Gravy

Sorrell, Calvin

Sorry I Left Home

Sosbee, Ray

So Sweet

Sourwood Mountain


South, Estill


Southern Gospel Singers

Southern Soldiers

South of the Border

Sovine, Melanie

Sow Come and Get Your Nubins

Sowin' on the Mountain

Sowing on the Mountain Reaping in the Valley

Spanish Fandango

Spanish Two-Step

Sparkling Blue Eyes

Sparrow, JB

Special Announcement Music

Special Sentiment

Speed of the Plow

Speed the Plow

Spencer, Chuck

Spencer, Ruby

Spencer, Sam

Spider Bit the Baby


Spinning Wheel

Spirit Of The Living God



Spoon Playing

Spoon Playing--Kentucky

Sporting Bachelors

Sporting Man

Springtime In Glory

Spring Time in the Rockies

Spring Valley Boys

Spurlock, Irvine

Square Dance Fiddling

Stacey, Margaret Sue

Stacy, Patsy Ann



Staggs, Sloan


Stalcup, J Roy

Stamper, Art

Stamper, Billy

Stamper, Billy Don

Stamper, Hiram

Stamper, Hiram, 1893-1991

Stamper, Hiram 1893-1991

Stamper, ID

Stamper, Joe

Stamper, Norman

Stamper, Pete

Standing By the River

Standing in the Need of Prayer

Standing in the Safety Zone

Stand the Storm

St Anne's Jig

Star of Munster

Star Spangled Banner

Star Spangled Waltz

Starvation on Hell Creek

Staten Island Hornpipe

Station House Blues

Stay A Little Longer

Stay a Little While Longer

Stay All Night

Steal Away

Stealin' Back

Steam Boat Bill

Steamboat Bill

Steel A Going Down

Steele's Rag

Steel Guitar Rag

Steel Guitar Stomp

Steger, Porter

Stephenson, John B, 1937-1994

Step It Up and Go

Step Out In the Sunshine

Stepp, Willam H "Bill"

Stepp, William H "Bill"

Stepping in the Parlor

Stillhouse Branch

Stillhouse Reelers

Stipe, Doug

St James Infirmary

StLouis Blues

Stole and Sold from Africa

Stone's Rag

Stone, Bob

Stone, Jim

Stone, Nancy

Stone, Penny

Stonewall Jackson

Stoney Creek Boys

Stoney Point

Stony Point

Stop Time Waltz

Storm is on the Ocean

Storms Are on the Ocean

Storms Are on the Ocean, The

Stormy Waters

Story About Shelton Laurel, North Carolina

Storytelling--Appalachian Region



St Patrick's Day in the Morning

Stranger Blues

Stranger Danger

Stranger on a Mule

String Band

String Band Contest

Stringband Music--Kentucky

String band music--West Virginia

Stringband Music--West Virginia

String bands

Strong, CW

Strong, Luther

Stuart's Long Bow

Stumptail Dolly

Stumptailed Dolly

Stump Tailed Dolly

Sturgill Family

Suck Heifer

Sugar Baby

Sugarfoot Rag

Sugar Foot Rag

Sugar Hill

Sugar in the Gourd

Sugar Tree Stomp

Sukie Flanagan

Summerville, Maggie

Summey, BB

Summey, Jean

Sumner, Marion

Sumner Marion

Sundown and Sorrow

Sunny Side of Life

Sunny Side of Life, The

Sunshine Girl

Sunshine Sue (Workman)

Sunshine Sue (Workman) and the Rock Creek Rangers

Supper Tonight

Susan's Gone

Sutphin, Kirk

Swalley, Doc

Swannanoa Cut

Swannanoa Mountain

Swannanoa Town-O [sic] [Swannanoa Tunnel]

Swapping Boy

Swapping Song

Sweet, Claude

Sweet Alalee

Sweet Betsy From Pike

Sweet Birds

Sweet Bunch of Daisies

Sweet Bunch of Dasies

Sweet Daddy

Sweeter Grows His Love

SweeterThan the Flowers

Sweet Fern

Sweet Georgia Brown

Sweet Glories Rush Upon My Sight

Sweetheart Mountain Rose

Sweetheart of Mine

Sweetheart Of Mine [Can't You Hear Me]

Sweethearts Or Strangers

Sweet Honey in the Rock

Sweet Hour of Prayer

Sweet Kentucky Babe

Sweet Kitty Wells

Sweet Marie

Sweet Rivers of Redeeming Love

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sunny South

Sweet Susan

Swing A Lady Up And Down

Swingin' In the Lane

Swinging Doors

Swing Low

Swing Low Chariot

Swing Low Sweet Charriot

Swing Low Sweet Charriott

Swiss Americans--West Virginia

Swiss Yodel Song

Symposium on Rural Hymnody

Take a Drink on Me

Take It Easy

Take Me Along

Take Me Back Blues

Take Me Back to East Kentucky

Take Me Back To Georgia

Take Me Back To Renfro Valley

Take Me Back To Tulsa

Take Me Home

Take Me Home Boys

Take Me Home Little Bird

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Take Me the Life Boat

Take My Hand, Precious Lord

Takes One To Know One

Take This Hammer

Take Up Thy Cross and Follow Me




Talking Blues

Talks About His Early Years

Talks About His Life

Tap Dance

Taylor, Ballard "Pappy"

Taylor, Ballard Pappy

Taylor, Emma

Taylor, Tommy

Taylor, Ulysses Grant

Teetotaler's Reel

Tell Her Lies and Feed Her

Tellico Style

Tell It To Jesus

Tell Me How Long It Will Be

Tell Me Why

Temperance Reel

Tempie Roll Down Your Bangs

Tene Tu Der Plu

Tennessee Barn Dance (Radio Program)

Tennessee Blues

Tennessee Wagoner

Tennessee Walker

Tennessee Waltz

Ten Nights in the Bar Room


Texas Gals

Texas John

Texas Moon

Texas Two-Step

That's All Right Willie

That's Alright Willie

That's My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It

That Glad Reunion Day

That Settled It For Me

That Will Be A Glad Reunion Day


The Ballad of Jed Clampett

The Biggest Ram

The Blind Child

The Blueridge Mountain Boys

The Booze Fighters

The Brown Girl

The Butcher's Boy

The Cat Came Back

The Cauliflower

The Corn Crackers

The Cuckoo Bird

The Cyclone of Rye Cove

The Dying Boy

The Dying Cowboy

The Fashion

The Federal Soldier

The Fugitive

The Gambler

The Garden

The Girl I left Behind

The Grand Old Jubilee

The Heart That Was Broken For Me

The Highland Flames (D)

The Hills Of Roane County

The Last of Sizemore

The Last Old Man

The Little Fox

The Little Mohee

The Lord is Blessing Me Right Now

The Love of God

The Maple On the Hill

Them Goo Goo Eyes

The Mighty Sampson

The Murder Of Colonel Sharp

Then I Turned and Walked Slowly Away

The Old Church Yard

The Old Fiddler

The Old Maid and the Burglar

The Old Miller's Will

The Old Ship of Zion

The One I Love Is Gone

The Phipps Family

The Rainbow of Love

The Randolph Tune

There'll Be Some Changes Made

There's a Bluebird Singing

There's A Blue Sky Way Out Yonder

There's a Deep Settled Peace in my Soul

there's A Light Shining In Heaven For Me

There's a Name Written Down

There's a Rainbow Over My Head

There's A Ranch In The Rockies

There's Going To Be Shouting And Singing

the Redtoppers

There Is A God

There Is No Excuse

Theres A Long Long Trail A Winding

There Was a Lady in Her Youth

There Was an Old Woman and She Had a Little Pig

There Was A Rich Merchant

There Was a Rich Old Farmer

Therrel, Lou

The Savior's Call

The Saviour Is Knocking Still

The Schottische

These Bones Are Going to Rize Again

These Precious Days

The Snowstorm

The Soap Opera Song

The Sound Of Sweet Water

The Sweetest Gift a Mother's Smile

The Trees Are Singing

The Turtledove

The Virginia Carolina Boys

The Waxford Girl

The West A Nest and You Dear

The Whitetop Mountain Band

They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree

Thinking of My Blue Eyes

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Thirty Two Acres of Bottom Land

This and That

This Little Light of Mine

This World Is Not My Home

Thomas, Buddy

Thomas, Earl

Thomas, Earl, Jr

Thomas, Earl, Sr

Thomas, Earl Jr

Thomas, Gilbert

Thomas, Suzanne

Thomas, Travis

Thomas Jr, Earl

Thompson's (A)

Thompson's Reel

Thompson, Deborah

Thompson, Wallace

Thompson Family

Those Brown Eyes

Though I Tried, Sweet, Claude

Though I Try

Thousand Legged Worm, The

Three Little Babies

Three Sillies

Thumping Bug

Thump the Devil's Eyes Out

Thunder Hornpipe

Thunder Hornpipe (Bb)

Thurman, Cecil

Ticklish Reuben

Ticklish Ruben

Ticklish To Me

Tiddle Two Step

t Idy)

Tiger Rag

Till the End of the World

Timberlake, Tom

Time Has Made A Change In Me

Tingle, Marvin

Tiny Sparrow

Tired Of Slipping Around With You

Titon, Jeff

Todd, Lella

Tom and Jerry

Tom Cat Blues

Tom Dooley

Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Tom Riley's Tune

Tonight I'm Thinking of My Blue Eyes

Too Late For Johnny

Too Many Bad Habits

Topeka Polka

topical song

Tore Up Over You

Traditional Folk Music--Virginia

Traditional Folk Songs--North Carolina

Tragic Romance

Train 45

Train Blues

Train Forty-Five

Train on the Island

Train Ride

Train Train

Tramp On the Street

Trantham, Doug

Trantham, Jim

Traveling Blues

Traveling Down the Road

Traylor, Jim

Tredennick, Dorthy

Tri-City Messengers

Tri-County Mountaineers

Tricklin' Waters

Trickling Waters

Triplett, Lee

Trivette, Marina

Trooper and the Maid, The

Trouble at the Coal Creek Mines

Troubled Soldier

Trouble in Mind and Jenny Get Around

Trouble On My Mind

Troublesome Creek

Trouble Won't Last Always

Troyan, Joe

Truck Drivers' Blues

Trucking Little Woman

Trude Evens

True Life Blues

True Love

Trying To Make the Best of Everything

Tucker, George

Tumbledee I Dy Ding Dy Ay

Tumblin' Gap [Cumberland Gap]

Turkey Buzzard

Turkey Creek

Turkey in the Pea Patch

Turkey in the Straw

Turkey in the Straw (A)

Turned Away At the Beautiful Gate

Turner, Felix

Turner, Felix, Everlasting Water

Turner, Wayne

Turn Your Radio On

Turtle Dove

Twelfth Street Rag

Twelve String Rag

Twenty Froggies

Twenty Three Miles to Ducktown

Twilight on the Trail

Twine Mid the Ringlets

Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Little Star (Old Way)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Two Dibens

Two Divens

Two in the Rock, Two in the Log

Two Little Boys

Two Little Indians and One Old Squaw

Two Little Orphans

Two Robes

Unaccompanied Folk Ballad

Unaccompanied gospel Song

Unamed Tune

Uncle Bill

Uncle Bob

Uncle Eef's Got the Coon and Gone

Uncle Henry (Warren) and His Kentucky Mountaineers

Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe [Soldiers Joy]

Uncle Pen

Uncle Watt's Original Fantascination Roadside Stand

Uncloudy Day

Under the Double Eagle


Unidentified banjoist

Unidentified Tune

Union County

United Mine Workers Union


unnacompanied Ballad


Unnamed 1

Unnamed 2

Unnamed 3

Unnamed Tune

Unnamed [Blues]

Until My Dying Day

Unto Me Time Draws Near

Up and Down Old Eagle Creek

Up Come the Sun

Up Jumped the Devil

Vacant Spot in My Heart

Valentine, Betty Helen

Valentine, Harold

Vance No More

Vandergriff, Artie

Vannoy, Mack


Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Personal narratives--Kentucky

Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Veterans--Kentucky

Vietnam War Song

Village Church Yard

Viney Lusk

Virginia Girls, Kentucky Boys

Vocal Music--Kentucky

Voice of the Shepherd

Voorhies, Ellis

Wabash Hornpipe

Wagers, Dora Mae



Wagoner's Lad

Wagoner's Lad, The

Wagoner One-Step

Wait 'til the Sun Shines, Nellie

Waiting for Nancy

Waiting for the Boatsman

Waiting for the Federals

Wake Up, O Sinner

Wake Up Kentucky (Radio Program)

Wake Up Mother

Wake Up Sal and Blow Out the Light

Wake Up Susan

Wake Up Ye Muse

Walk and Talk With Jesus

Walk Around My Bedside

Walk Beside Me

Walker, John V

Walker, Sammy

Walker Blues

Walker Family

Walker Family, The

Walkin' in the Parlor

Walkin' in the Parlour

Walking in My Sleep

Walking in the Light

Walking in the Parlor

Walk Softly on This Heart of Mine

Walk With Me

Wallace, Gusty

Wallace, Gusty

Wallin, Berzilla

Wallin, Cas

Wallin, Chappel

Wallin, Doug

Wallin, Jack

Wallin Berzilla

Walton, Warner


Waltz of Jericho

Waltz of the Angels

Waltz on Miss Sarah Greene, The

Waltz You Saved For Me

Waltz [Unidentified]

Waly Waly


Wang Wang Blues

Ward, Wade

Ware, Don

Ware Brothers

Ware Brothers [Chet and Don]

Ware Chet

War On Poverty

Warren, Grady

Warren, Sally

Washbash Cannonball

Wash My Overalls

Water is Wide, The

Watermelon on the Vine

Watermelon Smiling on the Vine

WAVE (Radio Station: Louisville, Ky)

Waxford Girl

Wayburn Boogie

Way Down in the Country

Way Downtown

Way Down Yonder In the Cumberland Mountains

Wayfaring Stranger



Way Out West

Ways of the World

Way Up In Heaven's Glory Land

Way Up On Clinch Mountain

WBNT (Radio Station: Oneida, Tennessee)

WBVL (Radio Station: Barbourville, Kentucky)

WCTT (Radio Station: Corbin, Kentucky)

We'll Be Happy All The Time

We'll Camp A Little While In the Wilderness

We'll Rest At The End Of The Trail

We're Floating Down the Stream of Time

We've Come This Far by Faith

We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder

We Are the Brotherhood Singers

We Are Traveling Home

Wear My Ring Around Your Neck

Weary Blues

Weatherford, Willis Duke, 1916-1995

Webb, Jim

Webster, Larry

We Can All Live Fat in the Sweet Potato Patch

We Courted In The Rain

Wedding Bells

Weddington's Reel

Wednesday Night Waltz

Weeping Lady

Weevily Wheat

Well Alright

Wells, Jesse

Wells, Jessie

Wells, Travis

We Parted By the Riverside

We Promised to Love

We Shall Have Glory

West, Don

Westbrook, Brittney

Western Country

Westfork Gal

West Fork Gals

West Fork Girls

Westphalia Waltz

West Virginia

West Virginia Polka

West Virginia State Folk Festival

We Will All Shout Together (Sweet Morning)

We Will March Through The Streets Of The City

Wexford Girl

WEZJ (Radio Station: Williamsburg, Kentucky)

WHAS (Radio Station: Louisville, Kentucky)

WHAS (Radio Station: Louisville, KY)

What'd I Say

What'll I Do with the Baby-O

What'll I Do with the Baby O

What A Fool I Was

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

What a Joy to Join a Musical Treat

What Are They Doing in Your Town

What Are You Going to Do With the Babyo

What Are You Gonna Do With the Baley-O

What Are You Telling Me?

What A Savior

What Difference Does it Make

What Shall I Do With the Baby O

What Shall We Do With the Baby O

What Would You Give in Exchange For Your Soul

What Ya Gonna Do with the Baby-O

Wheeler, Billy Edd

Wheeler, Jimmy


When A Cowboy Goes To Town

When All Redeemed Singers Get Home

When are We Going to Be Married?

When Are We Gonna Get Married

When He Put A Little Sunshine In

When He Reached Down His Hand For Me

When I've Gone the Last Mile of the Journey

When I've Gone The Last Mile of the Way

When I Get to the End of the Way

When I Got Married

When I Had But Fifty Cents

When I Hold Your Hand You'll Understand Why I'm Loving You

When I See Gene Autry Go Riding Across The Big Screen

When I see My Cowboy Come

When It's Lamplighting Time in the Valley

When It's Time for the Whippoorwill to Sing

When I Take My Vacation In Heaven

When I Walk on the Streets of Gold

When Jesus Christ Was Here Below

When Mother Wields the Shingle

When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again

When My Mother Wields a Shingle

When Our Lord Shall Come Again

When Passing a Garden

When Shall I See Jesus and Reign With Him Above

When the Golden Leaves Begin to Fall

When the Pale Faces Came

When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder

When the Saints Go Marching In

When the Sunset Turns the Ocean Blue to Gold

When the War is Over in Korea

When The Wild Azaleas Are Blooming

When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven

When This World Is To An End

When We All Gather Home in the Evening

When Wild Flowers Encompass Me Round

When You and I Were Young, Maggie

When You and I Were Young Maggie

Where Could I Go But To the Lord

Where Did You Get Your Whiskey

Where Have You Been So Long

Where He Leads Me I Will Follow

Where is My Wandering Boy Tonight

Where My Dear Mother Lies

Where Shall I Be

Where the Rhodadendrons Grow

Where The Soul Never Dies

Where the Soul of Man Never Dies

While the Ages Roll On Up In Heaven

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Whiskey in a Boyne

Whisman, John


Whistlin' Rufus

Whistling Rufus

White, Al

White, Alice

White, Doc

White Doves Will Morn In Sorrow

White Oak

White Oak Mountain

White Pilgrim

White River

White Rose Waltz

Whitetop Mountain Band

Whitey and Hogan and the Briarhoppers

Whittling Wood

Who's Been Foolin' You?

Who's Been Gettin' There

Who's Been Here Since I've Been Gone

Who's Calling You Sweetheart Tonight

Who's Dat Went Out My Back Door

Who's Going Down to Wilming Town, Berea College Sound Archives Fellowships

Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot

Whoa Back Buck

Whoa Mule

Who Broke the Lock on the Henhouse Door

Who Broke the Lock on the Hen House Door

Who Is That Writing

Whole World Around

Whoopin' Hollar Stringband, The

Whoopin' Hollar Stringband, The

Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well

Who Will Meet Me There

Why Do We Mourn Parting Friends

Why Should I Cry Over You

Widow's Prayer

Wild and Stormy Deep

Wild Bill Jones

Wild Flower

Wild Geese Flying North

Wild Goose

Wild Goose Chace

Wild Goose Chase

Wild Horse

Wild Horse, The

Wild Horse in the Canebrake

Wild Horses in the Canebreak

Wild Rose of the Mountain

Wild Rose Waltz

Wild Rover, The

Wild Wagoner

Wildwood Flower

Will God Forever Cast Us Off (Mear)

William Reilly

William Riley

Williams, Bill

Williams, Columbus

Willow Garden

Will The Angels Come For Me

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Will There Be Any Stars in my Crown

Will There Be Any Yodlers in Heaven

Will There Be Sweethearts In Heaven

Will the Roses Bloom Where She Lies Sleeping

Will You Miss Me

Wilson, Douglas

Wilson, Junior

Wilson Brothers

Wind and Rain

Wind And The Rain

Winding Sheep

Wine, Melvin

Winking at Me

Wink the Other Eye

Winter Skies

Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers

WIRV (Radio Station: Irvine, Ky)

Wish I Had My Time Again

Wit and humor--North Carolina


Wizard's Walk

WKIC (Radio Station: Hazard, Kentucky)

WLW (Radio Station: Cincinnat, Ohio)

WLW (Radio Station: Cincinnat,Ohio)

WLW (Radio Station: Cincinnati, Ohio)

WNOX (Radio Station: Knoxville, Tennessee)

Wolfinbarger, Razor

Wolfinbarger, Wolfinbarger, Razor

Woman Done Me Wrong

Woman Where You Been?

Women's Firemaking Song

Won't You Come and Sing For Me

Won't You Come and Sing With Me? [Hazel's Hymn]

Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon


Wonderful City

Wonderful Jesus

Wonderful Peace

Wondrous Love

Wood, AL

Wood, Sarah

Woodpecker Song

Woods, Benny Ray

Woodward, Jim

Working on a Building

Workman, Marybelle

Workman, Sunshine Sue

work song